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[Review] “When in doubt, It’s always Chanel.” Vintage Chanel Mini Square (Black Lambskin) from Non-TS Lan

2020.11.24 22:35 LoveMeCoco [Review] “When in doubt, It’s always Chanel.” Vintage Chanel Mini Square (Black Lambskin) from Non-TS Lan


What show did you guys watch growing up?
When I was young~~~ 🎶
I never needed anyYyYyoneEee~ 🎶 watching this show all day, all night , all weekend long.
Those days are gone... 🎶
ALL~ By~ MYYyyYy~~ SelLlLlfFfff~~ 🎶
Sorry, had a moment there reminiscing. I love Celine Dion,, don't you?
The Mandela Effect just kicked in. How old were you when you learned that the title of that show was Sex AND THE City? I was played my entire life, I could have sworn it was Sex IN THE City?
As a young adult, owning a Chanel Bag has always been on my wish list. Every episode of Sex and the City <~ (It should be IN THE City 🙄🙄🙄) motivated me to be stylish. And I quickly picked up a valuable lesson from that show: Fashionable ladies make heads turn. Unfortunately, this never happened for me, but that’s besides the point. I got my first auth Chanel bag when I was in my early twenties and DAyuMmMmMN! I have never felt so PhLyYYyyYYy flying high in the sky; like a supersonic comet ☄️ ready to make a grand entrance on earth. I was like Yea Baby YeahhhHHhh~ My Mom always used to say, "Every girl needs a Chanel Bag in their life."
So.... my mission in life? Was to become the next: CARRIE BRADSHAW 👗 👠
With a Chanel Bag in one hand and a Manolo Blahnik shopping bag in the other.
CURRENT UPDATE: The Mission Continues
I am obsessed with Vintage themed...... Everything at the moment. From Vintage theme Weddings, home decor, photographs. And last, but not least, BAGS. Woot woot! Yes, trendy bags are great but there is something about the word and look of Vintage that gives me that Ėlėgance ~pronounced in French~ vibe.
So what do I do when I start wanting a particular bag? I start hunting and that is exactly what my mf ass did. I was determined to find a Vintage Mini Square in black lambskin with Ghw. I bumped into a nice gal who introduced me to Lan who specializes in:


This review is made available for entertainment purposes only and as well as to give you a general information and understanding of MY experience and knowledge of a Chanel Vintage Mini Square. In order to write this review, you understand that there were NO incentives provided to me by the seller.


Seller: Non-TS Lan
Wechat ID: Lan15J14
Factory: There was no factory name given, but I linked a video Lan gave me from the factory…. I think… I never asked. Sorry
Price of item: 1150 cny for Just the bag. (excluding international transaction and ship fees)
Payment method: Superbuy
Shipping Method: EMS


8/23/20: Inquired about the Vintage mini square. And Lan gives me two options. One for 550 cny and a customized version for 1150 cny.
I decide to go forward with the customized version and pay on the same day.
And Lan goes, Take 80 days to make
My anxiety starts to kick in and I figured I need to place more orders while waiting for this one and I blow my money away on five more vintage styles bags. There goes my 2020 resolution of, “I WILL SAY THIS ONCE AND ONCE ONLY TEN MF BAGS ONLY FIFTEEN MF BAGS YOU LISTENING HONEY?”
THE HUSBAND: “You started off your resolution with 10 and you end it with 15. Your ass be lying all the damn time when the topics covers Bags.”
Listen the year 2020 has been tough so I let myself go loose a bit.
10/23/20: Ask the process of my bag. And I get a response, “Still making.”
11/3/20: Inquire about my bag. Lan sends me a QC code and I am confused She replies, “17cm black sheepskin” and sends me a video.
Thankfully, the bag is beautiful and I give the okay. I didn’t have a choice, she already shipped the bag. 😂
11/3/20: Arrives at the warehouse.
11/10/20: Shipped out the bag
11/16/20: Bag received.

It's Show Time Baby 😎😎😎

My Pics
Comparison of Mini Rectangle and Mini Vintage Square
Factory Video
My Psp Video

QUALITY (9.2/10) 🪡

The leather is soft and smooth. And the quality of the leather is higher than the Group Diana bags I have bought during Lan’s Diana GB. The leather def smells of leather. I swear, I can sniff on leather bags all day. The hardware has a decent weight, which is always a plus. And the hardware is the right gold tone imo, very close enough to the auth. The inner round ring on the interior I can see a spot which look as though the gold is about to peel? (-.5)The bag seems a bit delicate? as well. (-.3). yet not too delicate. I wouldn’t want to squeeze the bag too much. I would prefer using this bag with a bag organizer, but not necessarily needed. Overall, the quality of the bag is decent for the price I paid. I think I can pull off this bag because it is a vintage bag and the preloved vintage bags are probably older than I am. You tend to rust and get out of shape with age. So, I’ll take it.

Accuracy (8.9/10) 📏

When you look at my bag at first glance, it’s nice and pretty and I doubt anyone would question my bag at all. I started dissecting the bag with my eyes. And BAM! Right off the bat, I can see the circled R on the interior stamping of my bag is all smudged. (-.5). The other letters are thinner and closer together than the stamping on the auth. I was a bit hesitant about the bottom of the front flap (mine is on the bottom) where it curves. Mine is almost in a straight line, but then came across one bag (again, my bag is on the bottom) posted that was similar to mine. Dimensions on the auth is as follows: 7"W x 5"H x 2.5"D The dimension on mine are: 6.7”W x 5.1”H x 2.5”D (-.2) My vintage mini has a clip engraved with CHANEL that is attached to the chain of the bag , just like the auth so that’s a plus. The front logo (my bag is on the bottom) of my bag seems accurate, but at some angle I feel like it pops out a tad bit more than the auth. It’s just probably me looking too much into it. One of the best features imo, is the tiny little CC logo engraved on the top left C on the front logo.That's Hot The interior looks good. Very similar of not the same color tone as the auth. If you look here , the interior of my mini vintage square and of my mini Rectangle from OF factory are quite similar. The color can appear to be different due to different lighting in each picture. The alignment of the two round gold metals on top of the bag (my bag is on the left) is placed a bit higher than the one on the auth. On the auth (on the right the round gold metals are placed more towards the middle of the diamond. Whereas, on my bag the rings are placed more toward the top tip of the diamond.(-.4) The strap drop on mine matches the strap drop of the auth at 21” which I love. I love shorter strap drops. I am a short gal and if the chains are too long, I appear to look shorter dragging my Momma’s bag around. The chain has a decent weight, very passable when compared to the auth from how I remember the weight of the chain on the auth Chanel bags. The details on the zipper are accurate.. Mine has a zipper pull and a gold medallion with the interlocking CCs hanging on the tab, just like the auth =]
The interlocking CC on the interior of my bag looks a tad bit thinner and there is less space in the middle.
On to the quilts!
The stitching is well done and super neat. It is impressive indeed. There are 9 Stitch counts per quilt on my bag, I found one bag on an auth bag with 9 and another with 10. So, happy with that.
A Diamond is a Girl’s Best friend
Two Diamond on top of the front logo ✔️
One diamond on the bottom ✔️
Two on the left and two on the right✔️
And the Miss Mona Lisa? I must say was pretty well done ✔️
Five full diamonds going across on the middle of the back ✔️
Annddddd... We are good to go! Roger that! Again, for the price I paid, this bag was very well made. I am very content with the bag I have received.


I am happy that I finally laid my hands on a Vintage Chanel mini rectangle. Chanel will always have a special place in my heart. So which ever version I can find that I want, I will make a purchase. The points taken off for this review is solely for this review and for my audience who I assume have the same interest in this styled bag. Honestly, the naked eye cannot see. I highly doubt one will be called out for having a smudged circled “R” on the interior of their bag. If they notice? I can reassure you, that that person is a fellow member in this community. Am I a totally laid back person who doesn’t care about inconsistencies? HELLLLLLLL NAH. I am one of the pickiest person you can bump into, but you know what? The average Joe and or Jane have no idea. So, some things, I can looks past and let go. Let’s give these sellers a break. In the end, we are paying a lot less than the price of an auth, which can possibly have worse Quality control anyway.


Lan is very relaxed and laid back. She is extremely down to earth, but answers in two word answers. LOL “What’s wrong?” “Good yes” “What that?” I am looking at my convo with her and every response are two word answers, which is fine. I prefer that due to my job. At work I can’t stand a long lengthy answer. So, it worked well with me. There wasn’t much interaction with Lan in terms of talking because she was busy arranging groups buys while I placed the order for this vintage bag and myself? My ass was busy buying. I also bought earrings from Lan which were beautiful by the way. Would I do business with Lan again? Absolutely. When I have money in my bank account again.


Carrie Bradshaw once said,
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2020.11.08 21:42 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #64 - Give me a HINT - 201108 + Album Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got to know the persevering guys of KNK . This week let's check out a girl group who's roots go back past a rebrand and who recently released a new single, let's get to know HINT!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the eighteenth Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: HINT is a five member girl group under Swan Media Entertainment (Formerly StarPro Entertainment). While HINT officially debuted in 2017 the groups roots go back to 2013 when several members originally debuted under the same company in a group called TURAN. Their name comes from "When people think about which girl group to be a fan of, we want our name to be a hint in the right direction" and also "When people face a problem, we want to be that light in the darkness that helps people out". Their fandom name is Answer.
Company: HINT appears to be the only group under Swan Media Entertainment. It's unclear if Swan Media is a renaming of StarPro Entertainment or if the old agency folded and the group was picked up by a new company (StarPro's website no longer appears to work).
Debut: March 31st, 2017 with Tang Tang Tang (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
First Comeback: January 3rd, 2018 with Walkie Talkie (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Second Comeback: March 7th, 2018 with Pang Pang Pang (Performance Video) Live Stage (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: October 14th, 2020 with Eh-Oh (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Debut as TURAN: July 10th, 2013 with Bang Bang Bang (MV) Live Performance (Link)
YouTube Channel: HINT Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: The group's long hiatus was due to COVID and working to change their concept according to the group. The group members all went to the bath house together and scrubbed each other to build camaraderie and make their skin beautiful before their most recent comeback. Cherry and Hyejin each have their own rooms in the dorms as the leader and oldest members, Arra and Haesol were originally roomates but Arra likes to play computer games late at night and keep the room dark so she moved into the living room as a courtesy to Haesol so now Haesol and Nael live together. Arra is very good at League of Legends and likes playing the support role. The group is now planning an online Untact Concert.
Who is he?: A male soloist under Evermore Music. He began his career doing covers on YouTube before beginning to catch on with original music in Japan and then returning to Korea.
Company: Evermore Music represents vocal-focused boy group Voisper, K-Rock bands Bursters and Hello Stranger, and Jazz Trio SLK in addition to Aivan.
Real Name: Lee Yohan
Age: 28 (IA)
Korean Debut: July 5th, 2018 with Tell The World (MV) Live Performance (Link)
First Comeback: August 9th, 2019 with Curious (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Second Comeback: October 23rd, 2019 with Knotted Wings (MV) Live Stage (Link) English Version (Link)
Third Comeback: March 13th, 2020 with Pointless (MV)
Most Recent Comeback: May 7th, 2020 with Spring Spell (MV) Special Version MV (Link)
YouTube Channel: AIVAN Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: He is originally from Seoul but grew up in Montreal, Canada as well as living in England and the Philippines. He can play the guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. He was an intern with CNN Korea in their Foreign Media department. He is a member of MENSA Korea with a high IQ of 156. He has a Master's Degree in Communications from Yonsei University.
Who were they?: MASC was a 4-8 member boy group under J Planet Entertainment (home of new girl group LUNARSOLAR and soloist NC.A). Their name stood for 'Masculine' and their fandom was MaBling.
Debut: August 19th, 2016 with Strange (MV) Live Stage (Link)
First Comeback: February 4th, 2017 with Tina (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Second Comeback: October 12th, 2017 with Do It (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Final Comeback: May 27th, 2019 with Maschera (MV) Live Performance (Link)
Active Between: August 19th, 2016 - October 18th, 2020
Reasons for Disbanding: The group announced that they would be moving on to take on new challenges individually. While the group had a promising beginning they never found the level of success that the company was likely looking for, and with incidents which occurred which set them back, an inability to perform live with the pandemic, plus new groups on the horizon it appears the company decided to cut the cord.
Trivia: Following their comeback with Do It an incident occurred where group member A.C.E physically assaulted fellow-member Chibin. After Chibin brought the incident to light with the public A.C.E left the group and company and Chibin later left as well citing mental trauma from the incident making it impossible for him to continue. Original member 26 and new member Doeun also left near this time, with 26 going into acting and Doeun citing personal reasons. The group continued to perform internationally following their final comeback, but due to travel and gathering restriction in 2020 due to COVID their opportunities dwindled. The group was apparently looking for another company to take them on but nothing materialized and thus they disbanded.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.11.05 13:26 MSkyDragons MONSTA X Appreciation Post (Warning : VERY LONG)

I've actually wanted to do this for a while because I don't really see them getting mentioned much but haven't had the motivation. Thanks to Monsta X dropping a killer album, I am now motivated! So in this post I am going to comprehensively cover Monsta X and all the reasons I love them (and why you should too)


Monsta X are a boy group that debuted in 2015. The current line up consists of Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M. Wonho is a member who left in 2019 but Monbebes will always consider MX as OT7 while still supporting his solo releases. The group was formed through a survival show called No Mercy in which Starship trainees compete for the right to debut. The group is best known as "beastly idols" due to their strong, manly image and hard-hitting music.


When discussing the topic of how male k-pop artists have the stigma of being perceived as "less masculine, the members had this to say.
Minhyuk : I don’t think the world appreciates things in the right way, in my opinion
Jooheon : People talk about masculinity and femininity but, at the end of the day, Monsta X is there to perform a show and we don’t let that affect us
I.M : It’s about loving yourself, caring about yourself. That’s first. And we don’t think that women should be like ‘this’ and men should be like ‘that.
I.M : Showing the audience what we want to show is the most important thing. We’re not ashamed. We’ve done a lot of sexual items, like harnesses and chains. We’re comfortable.
Hyungwon : We’re stage performers, so I like wearing something that shines from head to toe.
Kihyun : It’s the same way when you see a good-looking actor on screen,” he says. “You can say, ‘Wow. That’s a good-looking guy.’ And that’s how you become a fan.
  1. Doesn't want to do anything after he has his glasses on.
  2. Takes dad angle selfies.
  3. Weirdly honest when he doesn't have to be like about pooping and watching porn as a kid.
  4. He's just so awkward.
  1. Is a legit baby and #1 fake maknae in Monsta X.
  2. Cries easily and is the most sensitive and emotional member of MX.
  1. He never forgets to acknowledge male Monbebes and even tells them he loves them.
  2. Defended his right to wear a headband because it's not something only girls can wear.
  3. Says that Shownu is beautiful and beautiful isn't just a term to refer to girls.
  4. His ideal type is anyone who can cook ramen, gender doesn't matter.
  1. Got visibly angry when a fan was telling him about how her male superior would pressure her into drinking.
  2. Told a fan to curse at a man who was leering at her weirdly on the subway no matter what, despite the age hierarchy.
  3. At the airport he noticed some fans on a glass railing who were wearing skirts that could be seen from underneath and he told them to move back to protect them.
I had no idea which title I should park this segment under so I'm just going to put it under I.M. Any Monbebe who was a fan of MX since debut or has watched their debut/pre-debut vids would know this but I.M and the rest of the MX members used to have a very strained relationship. This was due to the survival show they were on, No Mercy. Please don't hate on the members for what happened on this show, both sides were actually understandable, I am not bringing the show up to incite criticism. I really value how far their relationship and group chemistry has come since then, and I want other people to understand the context of why I appreciate how far they've come.
For the uninitiated, No Mercy was where MX members + other Starship trainees who were their friends were competing for the chance to debut. I.M was only added into the show during episode 8, and a day after one of their trainee friends was eliminated from the show (there were others eliminated before this as well). They added him and introduced him to the others when they were filming a scene at a restaurant. I.M has mentioned somewhere (I can't find the source, I think it was an old V-live) that he didn't know he would be getting introduced to the members/partaking in filming that day, he was called to have dinner with a Starship employee to discuss his joining the show. That was super shitty on the show's part but anything for drama, I guess.
Needless to say, the boys did not take it well and they made it blatantly clear they could not support the fact that he was added in and did not like him.
Jooheon : I didn't want to look at the new kid's face. I hate what happened to us, so what can we do but hate right now? As of now, I don't really want to be friends with him.
Shownu : I can't really put into words the feelings I have. I can't think of anything else but "this is unfair"
Minhyuk : This isn't his spot, so why is he here? I kept cursing in my head, I couldn't say much else. I'm not going to be friends with him.
Kihyun : To be honest, I didn't like him. I felt like he was freeloading on what we've set up so far. We lost Minkyun yesterday and to think that you're replacing him, we can't be nice to you just yet.
Wonho : You came at the worst timing.
Hyungwon : I feel way too sorry for Kwangji, Yoosun and Minkyun to become friends with the new guy
Trust me, as an I.M stan I was lowkey worried on whether they would be able to get along after No Mercy. He has mentoned before that No Mercy is a memory he would like to erase. The members are very honest and don't try to sweep under the rug the fact that their first impressions/meeting was not good. In the early days of their debut, they do mention that I.M was still awkward with a lot of the members except Jooheon. But having stanned and followed them since debut, I can say that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Watching their friendship grow throughout the years has been a delight and satisfying af as an I.M stan. For one of their concerts, he finished his speech with "I have gained new older brothers" it was super sweet, and actually caused Hyungwon to cry (also have this clip of JaeJae and the other members clowning him about it. Here are more clips of I.M being loved by the other MX members.


Monsta X Ray [Season 1Season 2Season 3]
Amigo TV [1]
Amigo TV S4 [123]
Weekly Idol [12345678]
ILOGU in Jeju Island [12345678]
Monsta X Right Now [Full Playlist]
Dingo School [123456]
MMTG (interview with JaeJae) [12]
Hello82 aka MX tries speaking/singing in Spanish [12]
MX in the US [Buzzfeed with PuppiesTower of TruthFriendship TestSong AssociationCapitalFM] (trust me none of these are cringy, they're all hilarious/entertaining!)


Whew that was a long write-up, I'll be surprised if anyone actually reads the whole thing word for word. Sorry to subject everyone to my long ass crazy rant about how much I love Monsta X. Actually, recently I have been feeling slightly guilty because I have been paying more attention to other groups (namely Ateez and NCT) but them dropping their new album and revisiting content to make this post has been a huge reminder of why I love Monsta X and why they are irreplaceable to me. This is 100% my opinion, but imo since 2PM is currently inactive, no other group has adopted the 2PM style of beast-dol sexy as well as Monsta X have. They just have a very distinct image that applies to all their songs no matter the genre. They're a group that I can rely on to always deliver, whether it be music or performance-wise. They were the group that kept me interested in kpop after I started losing interest in kpop as a whole in 2016-2017, and I will always be super thankful for that.
TL;DR Monsta X are amazing, y'all should check them out. Love Killa is a bop and a half.
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2020.10.22 02:49 good-things- Konosuba Made My Rent-a-girfriend Rewatch Sessions More Enjoyable; You Should Watch It

Konosuba Made My Rent-a-girfriend Rewatch Sessions More Enjoyable; You Should Watch It

By HaiRafu on YT...Yes, this does imply Kazuma is Mami and therefore, trash. Kazutrash.
TL;DR: Stop what you're doing right now and go watch Konosuba if you haven't, because it's one of the best anime ever made and Mizuhara and Aqua (blue haired girl) share the same VA, making it even funnier.

A week ago, I vaguely heard of the popular show Konosuba; I've seen pictures of Aqua and Megumin before, but I didn't really know anything else. In fact, I only knew of them because I heard Mizuhara's VA (Sora Amamiya) and Sumi's VA (Rie Takahashi) voice Aqua and Megumin respectively. The show seemed cute enough so I gave it a shot.

If you were like me, and you've seen Rent-a-girlfriend but not Konosuba, go watch it right now. Konosuba is a phenomenal show that had me smiling from start to finish, but I'm not here to gush about Konosuba.

The reason why I recommend it so much is because Aqua sounds like Mizuhara. It's so funny. If you know anything about Konosuba, you know how unique and funny Aqua's character is, and thinking that it's Mizuhara in the Isekai world is just so silly. And even better, it works the other way around.

Mizuhara sounds like Aqua. When I rewatch Rent-a-girlfriend, it's like Aqua has been reborn out of the fantasy world and into real life. And hearing both characters get sassy in their respective shows is like a dream crossover experience you can't get anywhere else.

Some other mini reasons why Konosuba made my Rent-a-girlfriend rewatches more enjoyable:
-As previously mentioned, Rie Takahashi voices both Sumi and Megumin. While they don't sound the same at all (given that their personalities are like opposites), it's funny thinking that in a way, they're the same person lol
-The main protag of Konosuba and Rent-a-girlfriend is Kazuma and Kazuya respectively, and the similarity of the names makes me laugh
-The VA of Kazuma (Jun Fukushima) DOES voice Kazuya in a 2017 commercial for the manga, and it does sound a little like Kazuma lmao. Check it out for yourself here

So yeah, Konosuba and Rent-a-girlfriend are tied for my 3rd fave anime series of all time. It's that good. Konosuba filled the hole in my heart after the Rent-a-girlfriend season finale. It's gonna be a long wait till Season 2...
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2020.09.27 21:03 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #58 - Call them ASSA - 200927 + Album Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we took a look at another set of groups who debuted and disappeared. This week let's check out a group who rose like a phoenix from the ashes of such a group, let's get to know Cignature!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the twelfth Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: Cignature is a seven member girl group under J9 Entertainment. Five of the members are former members of the group Good Day. Their name means that they will be the 'Signature of the music industry'.
Company: J9 Entertainment is a subsidiary of C9 Entertainment designed to manage the company's girl groups. Cignature is the only group signed to J9 at the moment, but C9 held the group Good Day, Cignature's predecessor group, and also manages the boy group CIX as well as hip-hop group Jacoby Planet, and soloists Younha and Juniel. They were previously the home of female rapper Cheetah and now defunct band Drug Restaurant which disbanded during the fallout from the Burning Sun scandal.
Full Group Interview
Debut: February 3rd, 2020 with Nun Nu Nan Na (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: September 22nd, 2020 with Arisong (MV) Live Stage (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
First Comeback: April 5th, 2020 with ASSA (MV) Live Stage (Link) Choreography Video (Link) Dance Practice (Link)
YouTube Channel: Cignature_J9
Random Stuff
Trivia: The group was the first girl group debut of 2020. The group has two Ji Wons, and their predecessor Good Day had three, including two Kim Ji Wons. One Kim Ji Won redebuted with Red Square. The group has an unusual structure in that there is no official leader. For their debut showcase they received assistance from their company's senior artist Younha.
Soloist of the Week
Ha Minwoo/Minwoo
Who is he?: A male soloist under KMG Entertainment, and the main dancerapper of the on-indefinite-hiatus group ZE:A.
Solo Debut: September 7th, 2017 with I See You (feat. Young Cut) (audio) Live Performance (Link)
Most Recent Comeback: October 2nd, 2019 with Let Me Love You feat. Lee Youngji (MV) Live Stage (Link)
First Comeback: January 1st, 2019 with Trouble (audio) Live Performance (Link)
YouTube Channel: Minooha
Trivia: He is from Yangsan, a small city set in the mountainous region in southeastern Korea. He chose to enlist early to get it out of the way and was discharged from his mandatory service in 2017. He owns and runs a cafe with fellow ZE:A member Lee Hoo. He passed auditions for both JYP and Star Empire and chose to sign with Star Empire. He has been a part of a special project Japanese Visual Kei group called 3Peace☆Lovers (Virtual Love (MV), Illusion (MV), Love Evolution (MV)). He has appeared on a number of variety shows including After School Club, We Got Married, Hidden Singer, and Hello Counselor. He has appeared in Kdramas Prosecutor Princess and Gloria and the Japanese movie Ronin Pop.
Who were they?: A four member boy group under Poong Entertainment. Their name stood for "Brilliant Heart".
Debut: December 8th, 2016 with Sad (audio) Live Stage (Link)
Final Comeback: August 4th, 2017 with Summer Night feat. Eunji (audio)
Other Releases
Active Between: December 2016 - Late 2017
Reasons for Disbanding: Poong Entertainment appears to be defunct, with their only other artist, soloist Jung Yihan, now apparently indepdenent.
Trivia: The group faced some controversy early on in their career because of accusations that their songs Sad and Realistic had plagiarized the BEAST (now HIGHLIGHT) songs Butterfly and 12:30. Producer Stay Alone maintained that while there were similarities they did not rise to the legal definition of plagiarism, to which the producer of the BEAST songs, Kim Tae-Joo, replied that such claims were shameless.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.08.09 23:47 sliced-bread-no2 Finished P4G for the first time. Some thoughts

This might be a bit long-winded, incoherent and I don't expect people to care too much, but I need to vocalise my thoughts on this ROLLERCOASTER and this sub-reddit seems like a place as good as anywhere else.

To be honest, going BACK to Persona 4 after repeatedly playing Persona 5 and Royal was an extremely difficult thing to do. Persona 5 is probably the flashiest, most stylish, most aesthetically pleasing video game out today. It was vibrant, dynamic, effervescent and just brimming with life and energy. It was very easy to become enamored with the game from the moment you stepped in. Combine that with the bigger budget and longer development time Atlus had, and I was slightly concerned that I’d find going back to this something that would be too hard to do. And as predicted, it was an extremely slow burn for me, but it was hard to criticise because I was absolutely aware that I was playing a game that came out on the freaking PS2 over 12 years ago. It was very easy to put all the things that initially made me skeptical down to age. Not necessarily just graphics either, but the innovations Atlus made between sequels. I dearly missed things like Baton Pass, Nuke and Psy weaknesses, Eigaon and Kougaon, Guns and the most dearly missed of all; the Togo System. Their exclusions can’t be used as a stick to beat this game with since those things never existed at the time the game was released but when you play Persona 5 first, it’s really easy to miss those things a lot. The biggest skepticism for me though was when I realised that every dungeon in the game was going to be procedurally generated. Persona 5 was filled with such wondrous, meticulously crafted and unique dungeons that were a delight to explore so to go back to such an archaic way of map building was something that really made me think that I wasn’t going to enjoy the game as much as I wanted to.
And yet, despite everything I’ve just said...I fucking fell in love with this game. It may have taken until maybe the 3rd or 4th dungeon to do so, but it eventually sunk its nails into me and once that happened, that was it, I was hooked and I wasn’t turning back. It absolutely nails the two things that are absolutely fundamental in order for a JRPG to succeed; world building and character development. There’s an indescribable quality to Inaba and its inhabitants; I can’t really articulate why or how I fall in love with the people and places that this game has created, but I did and I got attached to these things more than I’ve gotten attached to the cast and locales of most other games. Yosuke wasn’t my favourite character, but I found him to be a serviceable enough “best friend” character, and Teddie is marginally less annoying than Morgana, but I found myself getting extremely attached to Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Rise and Naoto pretty much immediately, and their introductions made the “life-sim” aspect of the game an extremely enjoyable one. I eventually got used to the procedurally-generated dungeons in the end, so the JRPG aspect also became a lot of fun, but I found myself actively looking forward to the life-sim parts as the game managed to turn building relationships with these characters into something that was actually quite an alluring task. It makes an already likeable cast so much more endearing, especially given the additional focus this game provides in terms of your party members facing themselves and struggling to identify as themselves. To be honest, I think the camaraderie among the group outdoes P5. I’ve not even mentioned Nanako, who btw, is the best child in any video game ever, and needs to be protected at any cost. She is the only character I will never pick a mean/sassy answer to in terms of dialogue choices. My heart can’t do it.
I also want to give a shout out to the random “quests” that are scattered throughout the game. The quests themselves aren’t necessarily much fun to do, but what it does do that works in the games favour is to incentivise exploration of Inaba. In P5, it was extremely easy to fast travel to a certain location and then make a beeline straight to wherever it is you want to go, especially if you’re as impatient as me. Since the completionist in me wanted to hoover up all these little quests, I was exploring Inaba much more than I was exploring Shibuya, and given that it was already designed as a “small, quaint town in the countryside” to begin with, it made the place feel so much more homely by the time you’ve punched in a couple dozen hours. Walking up and down the same streets and talking to the same NPCs hoping for new dialogue, on paper, sounds like an extremely boring and monotonous task (and it kind of is) but it sure as shit makes you familiar with your surroundings. Given how it’s also not as bustling as Shibuya, it definitely became a location that felt more like “home”.
Finally, the thing that this game does better than it’s sequel; the overarching narrative. An overarching narrative doesn’t really exist in P5 until about halfway through the game; up until then you’re literally just bouncing from Palace to Palace, looking for the “next target”. Which is fine by the way. The overall aim of the game is established fairly quickly here, and it helps act as an anchor for the rest of the game. Suddenly, everything that the party are doing is filled with a lot of purpose and conviction. The mystery is an excellently crafted one, and each new rescue mission and revelation adds more intrigue to an already interesting plot. Things are perhaps not as personal for Yu as they are for Ren in P5 and if they could’ve found a way for Yu to be more intrinsically involved with what’s going on outside of a “oh, I just want to help solve a murder mystery”, that would have been cool.
The question I keep asking myself is If I was to give it an arbitrary score out of 10, what would I give it? The answer is I probably would give it a 10/10. I did start this ramble with a lot of negatives, but ultimately I don’t think a “10/10” game has to be flawless, because quite frankly, a flawless video game simply doesn’t exist. For me, a “10/10” video game is something that manages to become truly outstanding in spite of its flaws, and that’s precisely what P4G is to me. I don’t obsess over the world building and character arcs in a video game too often, but this is one of those occasions, and that’s a very special thing for any piece of media to actually achieve. I do prefer P5R; that’s only natural as my entry point into the franchise, as well as the innovations Atlus made along the way, but P4G is still absolutely spectacular and does do certain things better, and my only regret is that I didn’t play it in 2012, where it’s phenomenal storytelling wouldn’t have had to shatter so many barriers that were raised in 2017.
P.S Rise best girl, would romance again.
P.P.S “Heaven” and “Snowflakes” are going straight on to my playlist, phenomenal OST. Like seriously, “Snowflakes” is the most beautifully bittersweet song I’ve ever heard, brought a lump to the ole throat when I realised the end of the game was nigh.
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2020.07.30 00:21 HonestMission An LGBTQ culture and media starter pack (not a question; LONG list of recommendations)

Hi! I've recently noticed that there has been several posts from gaybros who seem to feel really disconnected from and disengaged with the LGBTQ community. That's understandable, especially when these uncertain times mean that most people aren't in a good frame of mind or at their best.
Seeing that we're all socially distancing, and perhaps still under some form of lockdown, I thought that it would be a good idea to post a (warning: LONG) reading/watching/listening list, given that some of us have plenty of spare time on our hands. I hope that you enjoy discovering something new!
I love many items, and care a lot less for others, but I've tried to approach this objectively. Some music suggestions, btw, aren't by LGBTQ artists, but all of them have appealed varyingly to our community. I've also omitted the really obvious stuff, such as Brokeback Mountain, Madonna and Will & Grace etc.
Feel free to contribute and add your own favourites! A special thanks goes to my good friend, u/Manor4548, for getting the ball rolling with his excellent suggestions. Also, if our excellent mods feel that this post in inappropriate, I'm more than happy to remove it. Please take care and stay safe!
Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin (1956) - intelligent and thoughtful novel from a black gay writer, whose seminal work is currently more important than ever
Quatrefoil: A Modern Novel by James BarJames Fugaté (1950) - ground-breaking romance novel about two men who ultimately reach of point of self-confidence and acceptance
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel (2006) - lesbian-themed graphic memoir
Senses series by Andrew Grey (2012-2016) - frothy and sentimental yet endearing and engaging romance novels about disabled gay men
Outskirts: Living Life On The Edge by John Grindrod (2017) - part history of the green belt and part memoir of growing up in the British countryside as a gay youngster
Maurice by EM Forster (1971) - posthumously published novel, from the author of Howard's End, which was originally written between 1913 and 1914
The Swimming Pool Library (1988), The Spell (1998) and The Line Of Beauty (2004) by Alan Hollingworth - accomplished and boundary-pushing novelist who explores British gay socio-culture
Tigers & Devils series by Sean Kennedy (2009-2019) - idealistic yet thoroughly likeable romance novels about a charmingly misanthropic movie festival director and a kind yet closeted Australian footballer
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway (1926) - accidentally queer novel that concerns toxic masculinity; this Literary Hub article provides an excellent introduction to the unintentional queerness of Hemingway's work
Trans: A Memoir by Juliet Jacques (2015) - a British memoir about gender transition, with some thoughtful reflections on trans politics
Insignificant Others by Stephen McCauley (2010) - fun and smart "slice of life" novel about a 50-something gay man
Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston (2019) - playful teen romcom about a bisexual First Son who develops feelings for an English prince
The Last Romeo by Justin Myers (2018) - 30-something Bridget Jones-esque comedy of errors romance about a gay British web journalist who starts a dating blog
The Charioteer by Mary Renault (1953) - cerebral, moving and ultimately positive historical novel, set in a military hospital during World War II, which has prominent themes of repression and self-discovery
A Natural by Ross Raisin (2017) - subtle British novel about a closeted and introverted soccer player
Coming Out To Play by Robbie Rogers with Eric Marcus (2014) - if you love soccer and prefer non-fiction, however, then you might like this memoir from the first openly gay MLS player
Naked by David Sedaris (1997) - a collection of 40-something autobiographical essays from a gay humourist
Real Life by Brandon Taylor (2020) - gay-themed campus novel where a black doctoral student comes of age in a midwestern town
Out Of The Woods by Luke Turner (2019) - frank, intimate and sexually explicit British memoir that deals with bisexuality, religion, sexual abuse, outdoor sex, internalised homophobia and binary labels
Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu (2013-2020) - hilarious webcomic about an adorkable gay figure skater, who loves baking and joins his college's ice hockey team-cum-fraternity
Upside Down by NR Walker (2019) - Australian comedy romance involving two homoromantic asexuals
The Less Than Epic Adventures Of TJ & Amal by EK Weaver (2009-2014) - webcomic where a gay slacker comes out and goes on a road trip
Movies & TV
Banana Fish (2018) - anime TV series, based on a magna from the '80s, with a gay male co-protagonist
Beautiful Thing (1996) - idealistic yet 100% charming and pandemic-friendly coming out teen romance, which oozes summery cinematography in one of London's brutalist council estates; Jonathan Harvey later wrote the BBC sitcoms Gimme Gimme Gimme (1999-2001) and Beautiful People (2008-2009)
BPM (2017) - charismatic and moving French drama about HIV-AIDS activism in the early '90s
Bob & Rose (2001) - acclaimed yet short-lived British comedy-drama series, from the creator of Queer As Folk, about an openly gay male school teacher who starts a relationship with a woman
Boy Meets Girl (2015-2016) - realistic enough yet very slight BBC sitcom about a 26-year-old man who falls in love with a 40-year-old trans woman
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000) - likeable, peppy, relatable, upbeat and generally unproblematic "slice of life" movie, about a gay friendship group, from the director of the problematic and overrated Love, Simon; co-stars John Mahoney, Dean Cain and a young Zach Braff
Dead Poets Society (1989) and School Ties (1992) - deeply homoerotic prep school movies
Edge Of Seventeen (1998) - arguably the most realistic coming out movie ever made, although the emphasis is firmly on the "coming of age" side of things
End Of The Century (2019) - 30-something Argentine holiday romance, which is heavily inspired by Before Sunrise and set in Barcelona
Happy Endings (2011-2013) - underrated 20-something American sitcom, with a loveable co-protagonist that's undoubtedly a beacub
Gaycation (2016-2017) - global travel documentary series, co-presented by Ellen Page, which has an LGBTQ slant
Grandma's House (2010-2012) - naturalistic BBC sitcom about a gay son and his Jewish family
Jeffrey (1995) - subversive AIDS-themed romantic comedy which, despite an outstanding supporting performance from Patrick Stewart that really should have garnered an Oscar nomination, is flawed and an acquired taste
Latter Days (2003) and The Falls (2012) - ultra low-budget romantic dramas about gay Mormons, but ultimately more pandemic-friendly than the conversion therapy drama Boy Erased (2018)
Longtime Companion (1989) and The Normal Heart (2014) - emotional and touching dramas about the HIV-AIDS crisis in NYC; Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons' performances in the latter merit special praise
Love Is Strange (2014) - 60-something romantic drama about discrimination and family, starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina
Love, Valour, Compassion (1997) - melodramatic comedy-drama about a 40-something gay friendship group, although this one is a bitchier and snarkier watch than The Broken Hearts Club; features a star turn from Jason Alexander as a dying HIV-AIDS patient
Maurice (1987) - excellent period drama adaptation of EM Forster's novel; co-stars a young Hugh Grant
A Moment In The Reeds (2017) - romantic drama where a Finnish man bonds with a Syrian asylum seeker at a lakehouse
My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) - pioneering British comedy-drama that critiques racism and Thatcherism, among other things, with a prominent gay subplot; co-stars a young Daniel Day-Lewis
My Own Private Idaho (1991) - surreal road trip drama, partially based on Shakespeare's Henry IV and Henry V, about street hustlers; directed by Gus Van Sant, and starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix
Mysterious Skin (2004) - dark, difficult and uncompromising independent drama about the effect of historic sexual abuse on a gay teenage hustler; stars a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt
1985 (2018) - excellent monochrome drama about a closeted and dying man with HIV-AIDS, who is trying to come out to his conservative and suburban family at Christmas
Ocean Waves (1993) - underrated and accidentally queer TV movie from Studio Ghibli; if you don't mind spoilers, then this YouTube video comprehensively explains why Ocean Waves is accidentally queer
Open To Question: Justin Fashanu (1992) - Justin Fashanu, the first openly gay professional soccer player and first black player to command a £1m transfer fee, is interviewed on a Q&A programme for young people; it has been archived online by the BBC as an important historical document
Outland (2012) and Please Like Me (2013-2016) - two Australian comedy series; the former is about five members of an LGBTQ sci-fi club and the latter is about a newly out millennial slacker (which co-stars Pippa from Home & Away!)
Pain & Glory (2019) - Pedro Almodóvar's most recent and arguably most accomplished movie
Paris Is Burning (1990) - important long-form BIPOC/BAME documentary about NYC ballroom culture
Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert (1994) - inspired road trip comedy about three Australian drag queens
Queer Britain (2017) - excellent BBC youth documentary series about LGBTQ issues in Britain, with episodes dedicated to religion, body image, homelessness, racism, porn, and queer identity
Self-Portrait in 23 Rounds: A Chapter In David Wojnarowicz's Life, 1989-1991 (2018) and Keith Haring: Street Art Boy (2020) - long-form documentaries about two iconic gay artists, who died from HIV
Shelter (2007) - cute yet slight low-budget drama about gay self-discovery in the American suburbs
Sum Of Us (1994) - thoroughly affable Australian comedy-drama about a gay son and his accepting father; co-stars a young and pre-fame Russell Crowe
Tales Of The City series (1993, 1998, 2001, 2019) - TV adaptation of seminal gay novel and its sequels
A Taste of Honey (1961) - monochrome kitchen sink dramedy, with a gay male supporting character, which is set in Manchester
Tofu (2015) - short-form web documentary series, from the creator of Queer As Folk, which explores modern attitudes towards sex, with a heavy emphasis on the LGBTQ side of it
Trick (1999) - please take this idealistic overnight romance with a pinch of salt - even if it realistically tackles internalised homophobia in a way that Love, Simon never managed to do - but this superb dramedy is still one of the best and most pandemic-friendly gay movies
The Outs (2012-2013, 2016) - largely realistic and utterly charming web drama about gay adulting in NYC, with a peerless soundtrack; I low-key stan the loveable Jack and Scruffy
Verbotene Liebe (2007-2013) - surprisingly good supercouple plot from a German soap opera, involving a bisexual amateur boxer turned horse trainer, Christian, and his boyfriend/husband, Oliver
The Way He Looks (2014) - cute Brazilian teen romance about blindness and self-discovery
The Wedding Banquet (1993) - Oscar-nominated romantic comedy from China, directed by Ang Lee
Weekend (2011) - minimalist and naturalistic weekend romance, set in the outskirts of Nottingham
Wild Reeds (1994) - Cannes-nominated sexual awakening teen drama, set in early '60s France
Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos (1992) - a very strong introduction to eccentric yet loveable piano-led college pop-rock
Northern Star by Melanie C (1999) - British equivalent of Madonna's seminal Ray Of Light (1998)
Blue Bell Knoll (1988) and Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990) by Cocteau Twins - pioneering ambient dream-pop, which are perhaps the ideal albums for jerk-off sessions and physical intimacy
Doppelgänger by Curve (1992) - a gothic, melodramatic and moody fusion of shoegaze and industrial electronica; fans of Garbage will LOVE this album
No Angel by Dido (1999) - another album that's ideal for masturbation and sex
Disgraceful by Dubstar (1995) - slightly out of time, albeit still excellent, synth-pop from the mid '90s
Chorus by Erasure (1991) - analogue-based synth-pop; will interest those into video game soundtracks, given that it practically sounds like music from Amiga titles at various points
Amplified Heart by Everything But The Girl (1994) - eloquent fusion of acoustic folk-pop and electronica; Tracey Thorn's Record (2018) further consolidated her appeal to the LGBTQ community
Sue (1989) and Ray (1991) by Frazier Chorus - arty and gentle woodwind-based synth-pop that also has the bitchiest and most subversive lyrics imaginable
Chemistry by Girls Aloud (2005) and Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen (2015) - bubblegum pop artists that throw curveballs by unexpectedly moving into indie-baiting dance-pop territory
Black Cherry by Goldfrapp (2003), State Of Mind by Holly Valance (2003), Come & Get It by Rachel Stevens (2005) and Trip The Light Fantastic by Sophie Ellis-Bextor (2007) - highly regarded electropop albums from the mid-2000s
Françoise Hardy Sings In English by Françoise Hardy (1966), Infamous Angel by Iris DeMent (1992), Whatever by Aimee Mann (1993) and Out Of Range by Ani DiFranco (1994) - refined and superior singer-songwriter material
Paradise AKA Big Fun by Inner City (1989), Adeva by Adeva (1989), And Still I Rise by Alison Limerick (1992) and Everybody's Free by Rozalla (1992) - underrated diva house albums from the late '80s and early '90s
Bonito Generation by Kero Kero Bonito (2016) - day-glo dance-pop that's heavily influenced by The B-52s, J-pop, video game soundtracks, dancehall culture and mid-'90s Eurodance
The Death Of Cool by Kitchens Of Distinction (1992), Copper Blue by Sugar (1992), The Sound Of McAlmont & Butler by McAlmont & Butler (1995), D-D-Don't Stop The Beat by Junior Senior (2002), The Smell Of Our Own by The Hidden Cameras (2003), i by The Magnetic Fields (2004) and Silent Alarm by Bloc Party (2005) - indie bands that are fronted/co-fronted by openly gay men
Thinking It Over by Liberty X (2002) - surprisingly good R&B-led pop from talent show runner-ups
Crooked Mile by Microdisney (1987) - includes Rack, one of the most articulate songs ever written about AIDS; the same applies to It Couldn't Happen Here from Actually by Pet Shop Boys (1987)
Light Years by Kylie Minogue (2000) - perhaps the most cohesive introduction to the Australian queen
Loveless by My Bloody Valentine (1991) - Mysterious Skin undoubtedly proves that shoegaze has LGBTQ appeal, although this is challenging stuff and not for the faint-hearted
Passive Soul by Orlando (1997) - fragile and wallflowery pop that puts a heavy slant on the eclectic
Behaviour by Pet Shop Boys (1990), Echoes by Will Young (2011) and Choreography by Bright Light Bright Light (2016) - gay introspection from 30-something Brits
Very by Pet Shop Boys (1993) and The Tension & The Spark by Darren Hayes (2004) - 30-something coming out albums
Different Class by Pulp (1995) and Coming Up by Suede (1996) - camp and glamorous yet laddy and seedy Britpop, which is largely preoccupied with drugs and sex
A Secret Wish by Propaganda (1985) - gothic and literate synth-pop from Düsseldorf
Body Talk by Robyn (2010) - boundary-pushing dance-pop from the Swedish queen
Original Soundtrack by S-Express (1989) - one of the first UK house music albums to have originated from LGBTQ nightclubs
Foxbase Alpha (1991), So Tough (1993) and Tales From Turnpike House (2005) by Saint Etienne - summery indie-dance cultural love letters to London; Pedro Almodóvar is a big fan of them
Hormonally Yours by Shakespeares Sister (1992) - gothic, melodramatic, sassy and vampy glam pop-rock
We Are Shampoo by Shampoo (1994) and On The Loose by Deuce (1995) - unashamedly trashy bubblegum pop; the latter band was created by former Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret by Soft Cell (1981) and Youthquake by Dead Or Alive (1985) - camp and melodramatic synth-pop from northern England
Illinois (2005) and Carrie & Lowell (2015) by Sufjan Stevens - if you've seen the movie Call Me By Your Name (2017), then you'll know who this guy is
La Varieté by Weekend (1982), Life by The Cardigans (1995), The Sound Of Music by Pizzicato Five (1995) and Good Humor by Saint Etienne (1998) - fey, kitschy and peppy lounge indie-pop
Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood (2019), Saint Cloud by Waxahatchee (2020) and Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers (2020) - minimalist indie for hipsters
Sam Cushing - likeably grounded and motivated guy who plays the piano and loves his workouts
Riyadh Khalaf - the Iranian-Irish vlogger presenter of Queer Britain
Husband & Husband - nerdy married couple who write comic books and fantasy novels
LanceTheDriver - adorable mature student who loves cars and constantly strives to do good
Eric Mason - endearing and insightful lyrical breakdowns of songs by pop divas
Jacob Michael - cerebral and eloquent musings on the state of modern gay life
PK Creedon - good natured sporty couple who authentically fuse their femininity and masculinity
PJ & Thomas - lovely suburban couple who work in real estate and have adopted a trio of toddlers
Michael Rizzi and Dominick Whelton - sweet city boys who love their fashion and pop culture
Noah Roth and Christian Cook - wholesome college-aged couple who love painting and the outdoors
Stepsof2Foreigners - articulate and refined American-Brazilian couple who are into their travel
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2020.07.05 20:55 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #46 - One World OneWe - 200705 + Album Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got to know the talented group plagued by company issues Sonamoo. This week let's check out a boy band that's had a busy year, let's get to know OneWe.
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the first Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: OneWe is a five member band under RBW. They began their careers in 2015 under Modern Music as a group called MAS 0094, which stood for 'Make a Sound' plus the birth years of the oldest and youngest members. In 2017 they moved to RBW changing their name to MAS then then to OneWe redebuting as the new group with the same members in 2019. Their name symbolizes their existence as a single unit as well as 'We Shine On You'. Their fandom name is WEVE, which comes from a combination of OneWe and Move.
Company: RBW is well known for Mamamoo and rising boy group OneUs, vocal group Vrormance, as well as OneWe. They also have a Vietnamese wing of the company with soloist Jin Ju and new Vietnamese boy group D1Verse, as well as hip-hop oriented sub-label All Right Music featuring Big Tray and Marvel J, and several co-managed artists with Duckfuss Entertainment including Kpop Star Season 2 standout Kim Doyeon. In addition RBW features a stable of prolific Kpop producers and composers including CEO Kim Do Hoon, Park Woo Sang, Cosmic Girl, and Seo Yong-bae. RBW also runs a trainee incubator and training program for other companies, an orchestra for film and TV soundtracks as well as music production, and co-founded Modern K Music Academy as a joint venture with Cube Entertainment.
Group Interviews
Most Recent Comeback: May 26th, 2020 with End of Spring (MV) Live Stage (Link)
Other MVs and Releases
YouTube Channel: OneWe Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: When the group first started out they performed many cover songs while busking and in small venues and donated all profits from their shows to a charity for Korean Comfort Women (Korean women forced into prostitution by the Japanese military during WWII). The group has performed as a backup band for Mamamoo and Hwasa during many public performances including the MBC Gayo, MGMA Awards, and Seoul Music Awards. The group has said that RBW has given them total creative freedom to write and perform the kind of music that they want, and that CEO Kim Do Hoon as well as other RBW executives and producers have all played in bands previously so understand the group's process. They've mentioned that the toughest part of being an idol band has been learning to do aegyo and fan service. The group has performed many live shows and has toured in Japan as well has having performed in China.
Soloist of the Week
Who is she?: A female soloist under GH Entertainment (3YE's company) and former member of the co-ed duo Soya n' Sun.
Real Name: Kim So Ya
Age: 30 (IA)
Solo Debut: November 2010 with Loving Everyday feat. Kim Jong Kook (of Turbo) (audio)
Most Recent Comeback: September 27th, 2019 with Someday (MV)
Other Releases
YouTube Channel: Soya Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: She competed on The Unit. Her uncle is Kim Jong Kook from the 1st-gen group Turbo. She has a degree in Practical Music from Howon University. She has competed on King of the Masked Singer. She is friends with Jennie from Blackpink and soloist Holland. She says that men who have been interested in her get discouraged when they find out who her uncle is. ________________________________________________________
In Memorium
Who were they?: A four member girl group under Winning Insight Entertainment
Active Between: January 2014 - Late 2014
Reasons for Disbanding: Member Haena, who's contract had apparently began much earlier with the agency, decided to leave the company when her contract expired, leading to the group going on hiatus and then disbanding.
Random Stuff
Trivia: Member Haena went on to join Matilda (which also later disbanded) after leaving Kiss&Cry. Member Bohye went on to found the independent girl group Destiny. Dia returned to solo activities and recently appeared as a guest on MNet's Good Girl. Member Soyumi went solo as a trot singer and has had two releases.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.06.26 03:06 RealWitchyMermaid Favourite and Recently Discovered S Names - 2020!

Say hello to sassy, sophisticated, salacious S names! Do you know what's sad? There's only 7 letters left to go - that's only 1 week. I suppose, on the bright side, we've made it this far and people are still actually commenting. That's spectacular. Truly splendid and smashing, I say. Here's my favourite S names:
Time travel to 2019
A - BCDE - F - GHIJ -K - LMNO -P - Q - RSTU -V - WXYZ
Portals to 2018
A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
Teleport to 2017
A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
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2020.06.21 21:13 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #44 - One Hitters (Part 1) - 200621

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got in the zone with We In the Zone. This week I'm changing things up a bit. We've been seeing a ton of new debuts lately, and it's easy and exciting to hope all of them make it big. However, the Kpop scene is full of groups who debuted then disappeared, and they deserve some love too, so this week let's check out some groups that never had the chance to make it to that first comeback.
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Note: Criteria for these are groups that have only a single release (digital single, single album, or EP), and who have debuted in 2018 or earlier. These groups aren't necessarily disbanded (and it's rare, though not unheard of, for some nugu groups to suddenly re-appear after a multi-year hiatus) and if anyone has news about any of them having current activities, please share. I'm not including sub-units or special project groups.
The Ark
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
There are a ton of groups like this that hit the scene only the disappear and I've barely scratched the surface, so if y'all like this I'll plan on doing more of these groups down the line, let me know below!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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2020.06.19 10:24 Sandy2065 CBS 48Hours Transcript May 16 2020 Interview with Janis Cox, and her sister, Summer Shiflet, April Raymond, Echo Itaaehau, Neal Mestas (was service dog Bailey's trainer.)
The Missing Children of Lori Vallow Daybell
S32 E39
TV-PG 42min 2020
Two children vanish and an Idaho mother won’t say where they are. In their first network TV interview, her mother and sister say she’d never harm her children. So where are the kids? CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reports. Air Date: May 16, 2020
Correspondent Jonathan Vigliott
Produced by Liza Finley, Richard Fetzer and Emily Wichick

She's become a national obsession -- Lori Vallow Daybell, the Rexburg, Idaho, mother who never reported her 7–year-old son JJ and 17- year-old daughter Tylee missing. No one has seen the children in months. And despite her arrest on child abandonment charges, she's still not talking.
But according to her family, there is a reason for that.
Now, as a nationwide hunt for the missing children continues, Lori Vallow Daybell's mother, Janis Cox, and her sister, Summer Shiflet, reveal theories to "48 Hours" on what may have happened -- even whether the children could be hidden in a bunker somewhere out of sight – and why she's staying silent.
"She would never harm her children," Cox tells CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti. "And I know her."
"I don't know all of her reasons for doing what she's doing," says Shiflet. "But I know she has … has the reasons."
But first, back to the Lori Vallow Daybell the rest of the world knows: a woman who has a lot of explaining to do, says investigative reporter and "48 Hours" consultant Morgan Loew. "Lori Daybell has two missing children. Lori Daybell is connected to suspicious deaths. Lori Daybell appears to be somebody that has a black cloud over her ... unless she's the one that is causing these bad things to happen."
That's what the FBI and authorities in at least three states are trying to figure out as they sort through a convoluted tale that many believe will lead to murder charges
The allegations that still shock friends who knew Lori Vallow Daybell before she became one of the most vilified women in America.
April Raymond: You never wanna believe that somebody … you cared about or … looked up to … is capable of something heinous. But, unfortunately … that might not be the reality here …
This Lori is nothing like the friend she used to know, says April Raymond, whom "48 Hours" spoke to on Skype. They met in 2015 at the local Mormon church when Lori and her husband, Charles Vallow, moved to Kauai from Arizona.
April Raymond: Everyone fell in love with her right away … she really did bring a lot of joy to the people that she surrounded herself with.
Everything about Lori seemed to sparkle, says Raymond, including her marriage to Charles, a successful investment advisor.
April Raymond: I had never seen two people married that were … what I perceived, as genuinely happy with one another. And I— I thought that those two were.
Charles was Lori's fourth husband. He'd been married before, too, and both had grown children. But together they were raising a new family: Tylee Ryan, Lori's daughter from a former marriage, and the recently adopted JJ, Charles's sister's grandson.
April Raymond: Lori was an exceptional mother. She was the mother that, you know, everyone wanted to be.
Echo Itaaehau: My daughter loved Lori just as much as she loved Tylee.
Echo Itaaehau's daughter, Vaisia, was best friends with Tylee, and a constant visitor at the Vallow home in both Arizona and Hawaii.
Echo Itaaehau: When the girls would go to the mall, or to the movies, or to the lake. In Hawaii they would go — paddle boarding, go to the beach, ziplining, all those adventures. Lori was always there and always a part of it.
And so was Lori's son JJ, who has autism and special needs.
April Robertson: I really admired how patient she was with him and how much care she took of him.
That included a service dog named Bailey. Neal Mestas was Bailey's trainer.
Neal Mestas: The dog helped settle him down, keep him calm.
But even Bailey could not take the place of his big sister.
Echo Itaaehau: Tylee and JJ have — an incredible bond and just a beautiful relationship. And she took care of him — and takes care of him as a second mom would.
Echo Itaaehau: And she's super sweet. She can be sassy. She's just— a wonderful, awesome girl.
But in 2017, the family dynamic began to shift. Tylee was missing her friends on the mainland, so they moved back to Arizona. Then something in Lori began to change.
Morgan Loew: From what we have heard she started to pay a little less attention to the kids … and that's when the rift in the marriage started happening.
April Raymond says Lori had begun reading the books of Chad Daybell, a novelist and podcaster from Rexburg, Idaho, who told stories about doomsday and people preparing for the end of the world. Over time, some say Lori became more and more obsessed with these extreme religious beliefs, venturing way beyond traditional Mormon doctrine.
Morgan Loew: In the beginning of 2019, Lori disappeared. She took off and left Charles with the two kids. … they had no idea where she was, and this was for about, like, two months.
Morgan Loew: We think that she met up with Chad Daybell at that point, and she starts communicating with Charles in some really strange language … she was saying that she believes that she's a chosen one. And that she can speak to dead people.
She also spoke to April Raymond about it.
April Raymond: She felt like she had existed on Earth several times. She felt like she had supernatural powers.
Jonathan Vigliotti: The friend you knew before was basically the world's perfect soccer mom and now she's … saying she is essentially a reincarnated God?
April Raymond: That's correct.
Then, Raymond says, Lori said something that would take on an even more sinister cast in the months ahead.
April Raymond: She — told me that Charles was already dead and that there was a demon living inside of him.
Morgan Loew: According to Charles, she even said, "If you get in my way, I will murder you. I will murder you." … and at that point, Charles Vallow decided he is going to file for divorce.
Charles was so spooked by his wife of almost 13 years, he put his fears in writing.
Morgan Loew: It's right there in the divorce paperwork. Charles was worried about his life, and he was also worried about the lives of JJ and Tylee … He knew that bad things were on the horizon.
Sadly, Charles Vallow could not have been more right. Around 7:40 a.m. on the morning of July 11, 2019, Charles went to Lori's rental home in Chandler, Arizona, to take JJ to school. Less than an hour later, Charles was dead. Lori's brother, Alex Cox, had shot him. At 8:36 a.m., Alex Cox placed this 911 call:
911 DISPATCHER: Is he breathing?
ALEX COX: I can't tell.
Morgan Loew: He said, "I need to report a shooting. I — I shot my brother-in-law in self-defense."
911 DISPATCHER: And is he hurt? Is he alive or —?
ALEX COX: Yeah, there's blood. He's not moving.
The police arrived and shot bodycam video of Alex Cox on the curb outside the home. He tells them that Charles and Lori got into a fight:
CHANDLER POLICE OFFICER. [bodycam video]: So, you get in an argument? What is it over?
ALEX COX: Well, it was over my sister. He was getting physical with her.
Then he says Tylee came out of her room with a bat:
ALEX COX [bodycam video]: She came out to defend my sister with her bat.
Cox says Charles then grabbed the bat from Tylee and came at him, hitting him in the back of the head:
ALEX COX [bodycam video]: So, I went to my room and got my gun.
Cox then tells the officer he came back and shot Charles twice in the chest.
Both Tylee, who had run outside, and Lori say they heard the shooting but didn't see it. Lori says she then walked past Charles's body and left the house to get JJ – who'd been waiting in the car. She and Tylee then drove him to school.
Morgan Loew: And at some point, a little later that morning, Lori and Tylee come walking up to the house.
CHANDLER POLICE OFFICER [Bodycam video]: Hi, who are – are you? [Lori speaks] OK, just stand over there for just a second, guys.
In the bodycam video, police blurred Tylee's face because she was a minor.
POLICE OFFICER [Bodycam video]: Does your husband live here or no?
Morgan Loew: What was striking about the footage … was that … they were very nonchalant.
POLICE OFFICER [Bodycam video]: How long have you lived here?
LORI VALLOW: Like 3 weeks.
POLICE OFFICER: Oh geez, yeah, OK.
LORI VALLOW: That's why the neighbors don't know us very well.
LORI VALLOW: Like, "Hi neighbors, sorry" [laughs].
POLICE OFFICER: Are you working at all?
All three were questioned at the police headquarters and released. Raymond learned of Charles's death on Google.
April Raymond: it all started to make a lot more sense.
Suddenly, Raymond remembered that strange thing Lori said in the months before the shooting: that Charles was already dead and had a demon living inside of him.
Jonathan Vigliotti: What went on in your mind?
April Raymond: I felt really sick. … And I just knew something was very, very wrong
Lori Vallow didn't waste any time, says reporter Morgan Loew. Less than two months after her estranged husband, Charles Vallow, was shot dead, she packed up her two kids and moved to Rexburg, Idaho, home of that author and podcaster Chad Daybell — a known voice among doomsday preppers.
Morgan Loew Reporter and "48 Hours" consultant: They believe that the end of the world is coming, and it is coming soon. And that it is incumbent upon them to prepare for it. And that means stockpiling food and supplies, so that they can survive until they are taken to been ordained to lead the chosen ones.
April Raymond: In her mind there were 144,000 people that were going to survive Armageddon. She had been appointed to gather the remaining members of the chosen.
Raymond says Lori tried to recruit her as one of the chosen, but it would have come at a heavy price: her two boys.
Jonathan Vigliotti: What did being a chosen one entail?
April Raymond: Basically, that I would — need to separate myself from my children and join her and … find the other chosen ones so that we could all be together. … I respectfully declined her offer because that was just— was going too far.
In early September, Lori, Tylee and JJ moved into a townhouse in Rexburg. Her brother, Alex Cox, moved into the same complex.
Morgan Loew: Alex and Lori had a really close relationship. I think it was more than brother who looks after sister. I think it was more of brother who was the enforcer, who punished people who crossed sister.
In 2007, long before Alex Cox shot and killed Charles Vallow, he attacked Lori's third husband Joe Ryan with a taser gun and was sentenced to 90 days in jail
Morgan Loew Lori sort of viewed Alex as the destroyer of bad things in her eyes … he was there to take care of the problems.
That's what makes a now-famous picture of Tylee so terrifying to so many. It was taken on September 8, about a week after they arrived in Idaho, says private investigator Rich Robertson.
Rich Robertson: There are photographs that show her and JJ and Alex … in Yellowstone Park.
Morgan Loew: And that was the last time she was seen … And the key there is that Alex was there.
We know JJ left the park that day. Pictures from a neighbor's doorbell camera show him nine days later. We also know he attended school until September 23. On September 24, Lori told JJ's teachers she was going to homeschool him.
Morgan Loew: That's the last anybody saw … him …
The following week, Lori bought a $36 ring on Amazon. The next day she reportedly shopped online for a wedding dress. It would soon be clear who the intended groom was: Chad Daybell.
Morgan Loew: Most of the arrows point to them having a relationship … while they were still married to other people.
Charles Vallow was now gone. But when Lori bought that ring, Daybell's wife of 29 years, Tammy Daybell, was still very much alive. All that changed just 17 days later when the 49-year-old died unexpectedly.
Morgan Loew: Tammy's death was odd from the beginning. Family said she died in her sleep. They didn't want an autopsy performed. She was buried in Utah.
Approximately two weeks later, Chad Daybell married Lori Vallow in Hawaii. They did more than just start new lives. They reinvented their old ones, telling Chad's parents that Lori was an empty nester.
But then the façade came crashing down when JJ's grandparents in Louisiana, Kay and Larry Woodcock, could take it no more.
Morgan Loew: Every time grandma Kay Woodcock would call, there would be a different excuse about where the kids were. … And finally said, "Something is weird here." She had heard enough excuses. She finally reached out to the police.
In late November, over two months after the children were last seen, Rexburg Police knocked on Lori's door to check on the kids.
Rich Robertson: Lori said they weren't there. Lori told … 'em that the kids were staying … with a friend of hers down in Arizona.
Arizona authorities then went to that friend's house who told them JJ and Tylee were not there.
Rich Robertson: So, at that point, somebody was lying. … And it was most likely Lori
But she wasn't the only one. When questioned by police, detectives noted that "Chad acted as if he didn't know Lori very well." Chad Daybell left out one crucial detail: that he and Lori had been married for three weeks.
Morgan Loew: These lies were starting to catch up with Chad and Lori.
Rich Robertson: At that point Rexburg Police executed a search warrant
Rich Robertson: But… they were gone.
They had left town. The police quickly issued a statement that the children's "lives were in danger."
Rich Robertson: At that point … everything changed.
Lori was about to become one of the most hated women in America.
Summer Shiflet Lori's sister: I've heard things said about Lori … that none of them are true. … This mob mentality of … Lori … just … hung in a public square, basically is what it feels like.
When news hit that the two smiling siblings disappeared and their mother never reported them missing, people the world over were transfixed by the bizarre story of the "cult mom" and her missing kids.
Armies of citizen cyber sleuths came together online. Rexburg mom Dee Ann Carter is one of them.
Jonathan Vigliotti: What is it about this story that brings together so many people from so many different backgrounds from all over the world?
Dee Ann Carter: It's these two children … people connect … you wanna help. You wanna do what you can.
Their Facebook group, Christmas Misery, is 14,000 strong and growing, says Annie Southam.
Annie Southam: With so many people, with so many different areas of expertise, putting those pieces together, hopefully the whole puzzle can kinda be solved.
On the home front, JJ's grandparents Larry and Kay Woodcock launched a public crusade.
Larry Woodcock: It breaks my heart; it's killing my soul. … I just want those kids back.
As family, friends and strangers were begging for answers, Lori and Chad were in Hawaii enjoying an extended honeymoon.
Annie Southam: There's some stuff that … disgusts me, like … their pictures on the beach … where he's playin' the ukulele and she's dancing around in her dress.
Morgan Loew: But, as … this case started building steam, their ability to live a normal life there started to erode. They had trouble just going outside their front door. Because they didn't know if they were gonna run into investigators or journalists.
East Idaho News reporter Nate Eaton tracked them down at a local resort:
EAST IDAHO REPORTER: Lori, Nate Eaton with East Idaho News. Can you tell me where your kids are
EAST IDAHO REPORTER: Where are your kids?
EAST IDAHO REPORTER: No comment? There's people around the country praying for your children, praying for you guys…why don't you give us answers?
EAST IDAHO REPORTER: That's great. That's great that they're praying for you, praying for your kids, what?
LORI VALLOW DAYBELL: [doesn't answer]
On January 25, 2020, Lori was ordered to produce the children to Idaho authorities in five days. She ignored it.
Morgan Loew: So … she's placed under arrest. She's taken into custody in Kauai.
Lori was charged with three misdemeanors and two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children. It was a devastating blow to Lori's mother Janis Cox and sister Summer Shiflet.
Cox spoke to her daughter after the arrest.
Jonathan Vigliotti: And when you asked her how are my grandchildren doing, what did she say?
Janis Cox: As far as I can I remember, she said, "you know me mom, the kids are fine."
Jonathan Vigliotti : Deep down do you believe that?
Janis Cox: I did believe it. Yes.
Summer Shiflet: She said the same thing to me …
Janis Cox: We know there's a whole 'nother side to this story.
Cox and Shiflet sat down with"48 Hours" for their first television interview – to try and tell us that story. A story they say that began almost a year ago back in Arizona.
Summer Shiflet: After Charles had died, Lori had been continuously threatened. And she wanted to go somewhere safe. … she didn't wanna tell any of us where she was going because she was being followed and threatened.
Jonathan Vigliotti: Threatened by who?
Summer Shiflet: By people who loved Charles and want revenge for his death.
Charles Vallow's family say there never were any threats— not even close, but Cox and Shiflet say Lori was so scared, she fled to Idaho to protect herself and her children. They believe she could be hiding them now to keep them safe.
Summer Shiflet I don't know all of her reasons for doing what she's doing. … But I know she has … has the reasons.
But that still doesn't explain why Lori was off in Hawaii dancing on the beach with Chad Daybell while her children were nowhere to be found.
Jonathan Vigliotti: Something's not adding up here. Where are they? Where is JJ and Tylee?
Summer Shiflet: It's a great question. We would love to know the answer to that. We don't know. But … we are very confident that Lori would never harm her children…
Summer Shiflet: She's the best person I know … She's just the kindest, loving person that there is.
They say the real Lori is nothing like the doomsday zealot Charles wrote about in his divorce papers.
Jonathan Vigliotti: Is Lori part of some strange cult?
Janis Cox: No.
Summer Shiflet: No, not that we know of, no—
Janis Cox: No.
Jonathan Vigliotti: Not — she's not preparing for the end of the world, she doesn't believe that she is leading the 144,000—
Janis Cox: No.
Summer Shiflet: She has never said the end of the world is gonna happen in July. That has never come from her mouth or lips ever.
Summer Shiflet : A lot of the things that have been reported … any small truths that are in there have been twisted. But most of them are flat out not even true.
For example, the police reported no one saw or heard from JJ after September 23, but Janis Cox says she called Lori on October 1 — a full week later — and could hear JJ playing in the background. She gave "48 Hours" her phone records that showed a 97-minute call.
Janis Cox: He was alive and well.
Jonathan Vigliotti: How do you know that though?
Janis Cox: Because I know JJ … no one's gonna pretend to be JJ.
At one point, she says JJ actually got on the phone and said, "Hi Mimi," his nickname for her.
Jonathan Vigliotti: You spoke with him though on the phone?
Janis Cox: Yeah. Yes. And I heard him and he was out playing … And— he just takes the phone, you know — and he knows — you know, he knows who we are.
Janis Cox: So he still knew I'm Mimi, you know? He still knew me, Mimi.
The Rexburg police aren't commenting on the call. But Cox and Shiflet want to set the record straight on something else – or rather someone else: their son and brother Alex Cox, Lori's so-called enforcer — the man who shot and killed Charles Vallow.
Jonathan Vigliotti: Is Alex the henchman here?
Summer Shiflet: No [laughs].
Janis Cox: No, he's not.
Summer Shiflet: Alex was the most easygoing, relaxed, hilarious h— type of person. … There's nothing about him that was a hit man...
But we may never know the true story. On December 12, Alex Cox suddenly passed out and later died; an autopsy determined of natural causes
But we're still awaiting the autopsy results in another death. Tammy Daybell's body was exhumed two months after being buried to perform toxicology tests.
Morgan Loew: And … why do you run a toxicology test? Because you're looking for drugs or you are looking for poison. And why would they be looking for poison? Because they're investigating the possibility that she was murdered.
What started as a hunt for two missing children expanded into something much bigger and even darker. And despite what her family believes, it wasn't looking good for the former beauty queen, says Morgan Loew.
Morgan Loew: Looking at these cases separately, you begin to see that there is a common denominator. And that common denominator is Lori Vallow. She has a dead husband … She has two missing children. She has a new husband who has a dead wife. … She is the factor that connects all of these separate cases together.
On March 5, 2020 – five months after police say Lori Vallow Daybell's children were last seen – she was extradited from Hawaii to a tiny airport in Rexburg, Idaho, to face child abandonment charges. Morgan Loew was there.
Morgan Loew: She gets out of the plane and she's wearing a bulletproof vest. And surrounded by officers. And they whisk her into this vehicle.
After being one of the first reporters in the country on this story, Loew had Lori within earshot.
Morgan Loew: The SUV stopped right in front of me. And I find myself four inches away from Lori.
Morgan Loew:And she looked through the window … with this weird sort of blank expression on her face, and then turned her head.

Morgan Loew: The day of Lori's initial appearance in Rexburg, the courtroom was jam-packed. … And Lori walks in. And she's wearing this orange and white stripped jail outfit and this red lipstick
Morgan Loew: It was such an odd sight to see.
JUDGE: Ms. Daybell, do you understand what Count 1 alleges, as well as the maximum penalties?
Dee Ann Carter: I don't like to — hate on people [laughs] or talk badly. But it — it did make me mad. She … had done herself up, made herself look good, but still nothing about the children.
Kay Woodcock is trying to hold onto hope, but her mind keeps going back to something Charles told her Lori said about JJ.
Kay Woodcock: She didn't want JJ anymore. JJ was too much for her to handle.
Adding to Kay's concerns, police discovered a bottle of prescription medicine for JJ's autism with 17 pills remaining. The last time it had been filled was months before JJ disappeared.
And remember JJ's service dog, Bailey? The one he loved so much? Lori returned him three weeks before JJ disappeared, which still baffles the dog's trainer.
Neal Mestas: At first, I said, "I don't think I heard you right." … it would take — a very cold and callous person, which I— I think that's who she is.
Lori's sister and mother say that's nonsense. They claim Lori stockpiled JJ's medication, so he didn't need that pill bottle found by police. And as for Bailey?
Janis Cox: I don't think Bailey's an issue, as far as JJ is concerned.
Jonathan Vigliotti: There's a lot going on that just doesn't add up —
Janis Cox: OK. I — I do know about the dog. I was over there a lot. Charles loved Bailey. JJ was not really attached to it—
Summer Shiflet: He was fine without him.
But in the months after JJ and Tylee went missing, Lori made several trips to a Rexburg, Idaho, storage unit. And inside that unit?
Morgan Loew: Things that belonged to the kids: bicycles, toys, things like that. … It's pretty tough to come to a different conclusion other than … the kids were no longer around and no longer needed this stuff.
Even more damning than what Lori left behind, may be what she took with her to Hawaii: JJ and Tylee's birth certificates, Tylee's bankcard, which had been used since her disappearance, and Tylee's cell phone.
April Raymond: I don't know any teenage girl … that would be OK with being separated from her phone
Jonathan Vigliotti: How about Tylee's cell phone?
Janis Cox: She told me … in — September … that she had confiscated Tylee's cell phone.
Janis and Summer say Lori didn't want Tylee to be tracked through her phone; she was always fearful of those who she said threatened her and the kids.
Summer Shiflet: She put her daughter first all the time. … she loves her daughter and her children. And … she always was, like, putting Tylee's … and JJ's needs ahead of her own.
But by April 2020 the investigation had moved beyond the children's disappearance. Authorities were looking into Lori and Chad for murder in Tammy Daybell's death, and they were taking a harder look at the death of Charles Vallow.
INVESTIGATOR [at the crime scene]: He shot the f--- outta him, I'll tell you that.
Morgan Loew: Maybe this wasn't self-defense. Maybe this was a setup. And, I can tell you that people who know Charles or knew Charles … believe that he was lured to that house to be murdered.
April Raymond, for one, has never believed that story about Charles hitting Alex in the head with a baseball bat.
April Raymond: One, because Charles wasn't a violent person. The second being that Charles had been a baseball player and an athlete in college and if he had hit Alex with the bat in the way that they claimed that he did — Alex would have been a lot more injured.
POLICE OFFICER: Got a little laceration, do you want me to call paramedics?
ALEX COX: No, I'd really like some water, though.
Charles Vallow was afraid of Lori according to those divorce documents.
Rich Robertson: He wrote about what he thought might happen to him. … And he was rightfully afraid of that.
Summer Shiflet: He wasn't scared of Lori. … even the whole time he was filing for divorce and all those things, he was begging for her to come back.
Today it is JJ's grandparents who are doing the begging:
LARRY WOODCOCK [to reporters]: I have a tendency to get very emotional when I talk about the children. I get extremely emotional when I talk about JJ. JJ is my heart.
The Woodcocks are offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to the children's return.
While they wait and hope, the FBI has turned its attention to Yellowstone – the last place Tylee was seen.
Aaron Teasdale: Yellowstone is one of the last truly wild places left in this country … There are many ways to die in Yellowstone Park.
It's still hard for Echo Itaaehau to believe that life went from forever to gone.
Echo Itaaehau: It's so sad. … Just this whole thing. Just all of it is just heartbreaking.
Itaaehau says she and her daughter Vaisia, Tylee's best friend, are praying she and JJ are still alive and hidden somewhere safe to ride out the apocalypse.
Echo Itaaehau: The only place they could be is in a compound, or a bunker, or someplace completely off the grid.
Jonathan Vigliotti: Janis, do you think they're in a bunker somewhere?
Janis Cox: I think that's possible.
But with all the headlines, accusations Lori believes in zombies, and Lori's past talk of demons and possession, April Raymond is fearing the worst.
Jonathan Vigliotti: Do you think Lori Vallow is capable of killing her two kids?
April Raymond: The Lori I knew, absolutely not. But … I don't know what the real Lori Vallow is capable of.
Lori allegedly asked Chad Daybell to judge her children in terms of dark and light spirits. A recently uncovered email from Chad to Lori in October 2018, gives Tylee a rating of "4.1 D" — "D" meaning "dark." Sadly, it's not surprising to April.
April Raymond: It pains me to say, but — she would say that Tylee had a dark spirit.
The FBI is reportedly about to launch a dark mission of its own — a search in Yellowstone National Park, the last place Tylee Ryan was seen. Aaron Teasdale is a Yellowstone expert and "48 Hours" consultant.
Aaron Teasdale: Yellowstone Park is a very mysterious place. … You've got— places that are quite remote. … So, if you wanted to get away with something, or hide something, Yellowstone is an excellent place for that.
A possibility almost too terrible to consider — that theory that Tylee could have been pushed into one of Yellowstone's many boiling pools, the so-called "hot pots."
Annie Southam: There are cases of people that have fallen into those and their bodies just completely dissolve. … that's a really terrible thought.
Aaron Teasdale is skeptical of this theory.
Aaron Teasdale: There's different acidities. There's different temperatures. … If you don't pick the right pool, it's not necessarily going to work.
But Yellowstone – with its rugged terrain and wild ways – is good at keeping its secrets, says Teasdale.
Aaron Teasdale: If there is a dead thing in Yellowstone, the living community of the park will find it. … Sometimes the bones will even get eaten. … In a situation like this — it's entirely possible that there will be very little to find.
Lori Vallow Daybell remains in jail in Rexburg, Idaho. In May 2020, she appeared in court to ask a judge to reduce her million dollar bond, wearing a mask due to the coronavirus pandemic. That request was denied. Lori's lawyer, Mark Means, spoke after the hearing:
MARK MEANS [to reporters]: Regardless of how you feel about religious beliefs, personal beliefs, actions, inactions, she's entitled to a defense. … we maintain her innocence.
Chad Daybell has not been charged with any crime and appears to stand by Lori. JJ's grandmother, Kay Woodcock, is now appealing to Chad on Facebook, writing, "SHOW US IF TYLEE & JJ ARE OKAY" and "I am begging you, CHAD end this NOW." In a little over a week it will be JJ's 8th birthday.
Jonathan Vigliotti: Every night, before you go to bed, you know you're waking up to this reality … What do you think before you fall asleep?
Kay Woodcock: I pray. … We just pray about it. That's all we can do.
Tylee and JJ's other grandmother says she's doing the same thing.
Janis Cox: We love Tylee and JJ with all of our hearts.
As the search for Tylee and JJ continues. their silent presence hovers over the town of Rexburg … two children who vanished into thin air with no sign of life, no sign of death.
If you have any information about Tylee and JJ, contact Rexburg Police at (208) 359-3000.
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2020.06.17 20:40 T0kairin Need help imagining a real life Ha Yuri Jahad

Dear fellow Ha Yuri Jahad fans - I've been racking my brain imagining how a real life Ha Yuri Jahad would look and feel like..I've been thinking of actresses or examples that would be a good real life/live action version of her, and the best I could think of is "Ramona" / Mary Elizabeth Winstead from the scott pilgrim film or someone like a younger taller Scarlett Johansson or Jun Ji Hyun / my sassy girl era. Someone with spunk & toughness but really beautiful / older siste baby sitter vibes.
Please help! examples/pics would be so much better..
Jun Ji hyun - jun ji hyun
Scarlett Johansson - Scarlett Johansson
Mary Elizabeth Winstead - mary Elizabeth Winstead
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2020.06.02 18:14 cooklanbrahh [SHARE] Fitness Guide Megathread 5 Free Download

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DM me if you have any requests for anything not on the list.
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30 min Fit Fix Vol 1 Bikini Body Amanda Bisk Fresh Body Fit Mind 7 day pretraining Sleep Better Amanda Bucci The Basics Training Guide Amanda Finnie Legs and Booty Summer Training Meal Plan The Yummy Tummy Guide Amelia Freer Eat Nourish Glow Anabolic Cooking Anabolic Cookbook Anabolicious Post-workout Shakes Lean Muscle Mass Meal Plans Optimal Fat Loss Meal Plans Ana Cheri 6 week Summer Body Challenge Andy Baker Baker Barbell 5x5 Classic Heavy-Light-Medium 12 week program Garage Gym Warrior KSC Method for Powerbuilding KSC Method for Raw Powerbuilding Strength and Mass after 40 Andy Bolton Explode your Bench Explode your Deadlift Explode your Squat Supersize your Strength Andy Morgan The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Diet Angela Liddon Oh She Glows cookbook Oh She Glows Every Day Angelica Kathleen Bikini Body Blueprints Animal Flow Animal Flow (original) Animal Flow for Fighters Animal Flow 2.0 Anna Victoria Body Love 30 day jumpstart Annie Graft Fit Life Fit Me Anthony Mychal The 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2020.05.27 12:36 binarybabebia New Member - Black (dysfunctional) DIL asks how to deal with whitewashing from “perfect”-ly overbearing southern belle jnMIL

My DH and I are desperate and stressed out of my mind and my DH mentioned this subreddit to me. Please forgive me for the length, and any typos as we were trying to be thorough to provide well-rounded perspective. I think most of our stress stems from a combination of stress from trying to keep my two little girls (4 months and 2 yoa) safe and healthy and post-grad job hunt (2020 computer science grad) during this lovely pandemic but MOSTLY as a result of managing our relationship with my MIL.
Sometimes it feels like there is so much weighing on my shoulders. And as a thirty one year old, African American, first generation graduate (originally dropped out years ago to help my mom) that comes from an poverty stricken (blunt and beautifully dysfunctional/healing) family, I don't have many people in my life who truly understand what it feels like I am up against. My mother am I have not spoken in two years after I stood my ground with her following a lifetime of serious physical, mental and emotional abuse. This is relevant because I am admittedly still healing from this abuse and sometimes I get easily triggered when I feel as if I am being cornered.
There is much more to this rippling synopsis but I’ll do my best to summarize. Upon the birth of my first daughter, who had to arrive via an emergency induction 6 weeks early due to me have preeclampsia there wasn’t a single family member was present from my family. I wasn’t surprised that no really showed outside of my closest friends and many of my husbands family. Although my little crew and I were surrounded by so much love admittedly it broke my heart that after my DH and I did everything we could to coordinate with and arrange her travel my mother didn’t show. Prior to this day we’d discussed plans for her to stay a week or more but now she was planning on getting a ride from a “friend” and making a turn around trip because her friend had to work the following day. My DH and I tried to convince her to accept a bus ticket (from Dallas to Austin, Texas) so she could stay longer and not be dependent on someone else’s work schedule but took issue with it asking “who puts their momma on the bus instead of flying her down?”. Honestly, we would have loved to fly my mommy out to be with me but we could not afford it. Needless to say, after all the calling and planning from my DH and I, my mother did not make it to the birth of my first born (or either of my children). Three months later my mother called me out of the blue as if nothing happened inquiring about a message she received about her mother of the bride dress (no one sent her a message) while I was putting my daughter to sleep. When I asked to call her back after my LO went down she initially ignored me, then got agitated said “well, I don’t know what you wanna talk about if it about you giving birth I didn’t have a ride”, next it would be because “I didn’t have my hair and nails done, didn’t have money to buy new clothes and she didn’t want to be around your new in-laws looking raggedy” and later that I told her not to come which I repeatedly denied (this is disrespectful in her opinion) so she hung up on me and texted me cursing me out, calling me selfish and telling me “good luck without me in your life”. I was devastated but frankly, after being lied to, hit in the face, tied up back-to-back in chairs with my sister and beaten for peeing in the bed as children...and much much more (that I don’t feel comfortable getting into) this small and petty instance was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Although I still love and respect my mother, an army veteran, who was also raised and abused by a narcissist, I needed some space so that I could protect my energy and hopefully break the cycle of abuse for my little unit. As you can imagine, this is something I struggle with but I am determined to heal!
This is relevant because it occurred during the first year of my marriage (my hubby and I silently eloped June 2017 - one year after dating). Thus, my in-laws have never met my mother andI shared more than I should have in moments of pain and anger to my MIL which I believe (hindsight being 20/20) fueled what I thought was a good connection with my MIL. Prior to this, although she is the queen of passive aggressive (and I the queen of bluntness) our relationship was good, the main issues we had surrounded around my in-laws incessant micromanaging of my husband’s life which to their credit they believed was necessary before he met me. In addition to addressing unwarranted messages (vague and non-academic links to articles) about how NOT to raise my child and pass on my anger issue sto her. It wasn’t until we started requesting some freedom to navigate and fail our own way, coupled with my sharing of options that differed from their own; namely when it came to the way I managed my marriage, how I raised my child, if I dressed up too much or looked too put together at “casual” family outings and events, used numbered candles instead of individual candles for my husband and daughters birthday, sat white (closet racist) relatives next to black friends and family at our wedding celebration later that year (which she proceeded to adjust the seating chart to her liking after I asked her not to the morning of the wedding - unless there was a fight about to breakout), didn’t email everyone I a timely fashion and schedule a (private) separate family gathering for my DD and DH birthdays, look forward to prepping a turkey (“Gran makes the turkey very year) at Christmas in my home ( I was a high risk preggers and wasn’t allowed to travel out of the city, so we decided to stay put for Christmas when his mom and Gran convinced my DH to allow them to bring their celebration to us - but not after jnMIL tried and failed to set up the event at another family members house in our city without talking with us), etc.
After our wedding celebration a year and a half into my marriage, where the only family I had present was my three sisters, I experienced quite the meltdown. Due to underlying hurt that i was trying to mask and emotions behind the fact the my husband lied about and failed to execute his primary responsibility for the event (arrange a little after-after party mini-moon). After a successful event, we were whisked away with no where to go we ended up at my in-laws house they rented for the wedding. Where upon privately sharing my disappointment of being lied to, my DH was dismissive of my feelings, and when I tried to end the conversation and leave he physically tried to stop me from leaving the room. Extremely triggered and trying to avoid a meltdown, I tried to request assistance from his mom who in the next room to help calm him and mediate the situation. After ignoring me initially (because other family was around) my MIL to my surprise proceeded to question what I did to provoke my DH (who disappeared on a walk to blow steam).
In in not- so-eloquent manner after a stressful day I broke down in tears and spilling my very emotional guts ranting about all of the things my hubby and I were dealing with (including his inability to let me walk away when I feel cornered) as well as my family drama with my mom (biiiggg mistake). I slipped, mentioning that I felt a little alone in planning the wedding celebration (while in school and having a newborn) when MIL got incredibly defensive and threw in my face the 5k she and my FIL contributed, and the fact that she attended all of my bridal events in my mother absence...she’d even taken me to get womanly necessities after the delivery of my daughter., etc. My DH and I made up hours later and apologized to his mom for involving her but not before she told me how much I hurt her. I also made a personal call to her apologizing for my meltdown...she never apologized or acknowledged the seating rearrangement and I just decided to move on.
I need to stress that I have shown my gratification over and over and over for their love and support as I have never experienced this level of support in my life. My FIL who seemed to be a huge supporter of me even offered to co-sign on my student loans (the following year) after my husbands failed business partnership and (pre-marital) irresponsible credit management that I was slowly fixing (which I found out about it after we married and moved together) but not quick enough as it began to swallow my credit as well.
Prior to now, I had been on my own for the most part. I was a successful project manager and part time student when I met my husband. I fell in love with my husbands free (and even privileged) spirit and admired the fact that he is unapologetically himself. Despite the fact that his immaturity has put us in some tough situations, I chose continue to love him and pour into him the best way I know how because I knew we were kindred spirits. We both have made many many mistakes and in the darkest of times my sassiness and words have definitely cut him deep when I felt hurt, betrayed or cornered but after the first couple of trying years (four total) together we have now come together more than ever before and handle our disagreements maturely and ALWAYS away from the sight and ears of our little ones. We choose to continue to choose to be better individuals than we were in previous days, holding on to and fighting for our passionate love.
Today, my MIL feels entitled to much: our time, specifically on most if not all holidays and birthdays (spouses traditionally responsible for hosting a family gathering for bdays in their family), finances (since they have lended a hand to my husband for many years and recently to me), to controlling and micromanaging events that WE host at our home. I personally am not used to so much parental involvement and for the longest I tried to just bite the bullet out of respect for my elders and the potentially threatening my husbands and daughters relationships with his parents (as I have little with my dad and none with my own mother).
However, two weeks ago was my husbands 32nd birthday, which he wanted to celebrate at home with us to keep risks low during the pandemic. It’s important to note that I contacted my MIL vis call and texts to let her know the deal but she was very busy and kept saying she’d get back to me. After throwing a virtual graduation party for me and inviting my BFF and her hubby to our backyard (as a surprise) to social-distance-celebrate, I was so excited that I shared my excitement about their visit during the virtual event. Naturally, his mom overheard and raised her eyebrows, and the proceeded to take the time to congratulate me and then my husband (for a good period of time) on our accomplishment. Because this was “just as much his celebration as it was mine”. As much as I KNOW I share this accomplishment with my husband, I didn’t feel it was her place to congratulate him not my big day, especially since I had my own soliloquy prepared to address and thank him for supporting me and encouraging me to quit my near six figure job and relocate with to Austin Texas (from Houston) and finish school full time while he pursued a awesome career opportunity himself.
Mother’s Day was the day following my commencement ceremony and we had suspicions that my DH mother was not pleased with us as she proceeded to ignore all of our calls and FaceTimes until close to dinner (when I asked him to try again) she finally answered. She was in her car with her brother heading to their families annual Mother’s Day dinner celebration. She was visibly perturbed and did not even say hello to me (after I’d spoken to her and said joyfully wished her a happy Mother’s Day) nor happy Mother’s Day. So, I just let my husband pilot the call and went about my business. My MIL proceeded to discuss the fact that my husband had a birthday coming up and that he would “LOOOOVE” his gift and that she should thank him now for it. I did not see the need to send a mass email to his family that we weren’t having a big gathering this year as I’d done in the past because of my husbands specific requests.
The following day, my MIL shows up bearing a cake (with a packet of CANDLES) and gifts for my DH bday and a cards for me for Mother’s Day and graduation. My husband, who after opening some of his presents from us, went to run a birthday errand (to score some weed from a friend to have when the girls went down) pulls up and sees his mother sitting in her car and decides to run into the house (...which I’ll later be blamed for) to put away the weed before greeting her and asks me if I know she is outside, I respond “Huh?! No I didn’t know” and he proceeds to handle the situation by telling her she could have simply let me or him know if she wanted to pop by - even if it was a surprise. She proceed to go off in him, and in his words “nearly spiking the trifle cake in our driveway”, stating that she is HIS mom and has earned the right to surprise him on his birthday. After much more drama, tears and hugs she departed. My husband proceeded to call his father to ask for help in “dealing with mom” when my FIL himself was surprised that WE didn’t know she was coming (and i am sure recited the serenity prayer).
I am not sure why I was expecting an apology, but instead of said apology, we received (addressed to me and my husbands name in parentheses) a four page threatening letter last night about her disdain, hurt and disappointment for MY less-than-thrilled and frankly disrespectful reaction that she heard about from my FIL (shrugs) about her unannounced surprise visit on my husbands birthday.
She proceeded to go in about me not wanting to celebrate my husbands bday in previous years, which I have ALWAYS celebrated but perhaps not like she wanted (I love love and birthdays!!) Two of the four years I was pregnant with complications so we did something the day of with our immediate family and celebrated with his family later in the year (because she refused to move on) even though my husband and I had a lot going on and he didn’t feel the birthday issue was worth pressing 5 months after his bday. Does this make us ungrateful?
Not only did said letter attack my “explosive minefield of a life”, temper (I have never intentionally or verbally disrespected her- mostly and regrettably over shared about my upbringing and trials and tribulations of standing up to bullied), dysfunctional family, my parental issues with my mom and that if I didn’t get on board (like everyone had to learn to) “sigh and roll my eyes” when someone said something disrespectful (or apparently prejudice) to me then she would be forced to end the toxic relationship that she felt was fostering. Along this tactless ride to caddy-ville, she was sure to compare me to all of her other “good not great” relationships with her (non-black) son/daughter in-laws (who live in different states).
She was also sure to spell out how functional her family was, how they never argued, and repeatedly throw in my face how much her family has welcomed and done for me. She also apologized if she hadn’t been clear that she (nor anyone else) will not be my doormat and listed the hierarchy of the family tree. Her popping up was very different from an unannounced visit as her family doesn’t just show up unannounced (yet she has invited family over to our house without letting us know). She failed to see how this visit was any different from a UPS or FedEx popping up to drop off the gifts.
It in important to note that MOST of the time I let my husband address her unless she mentions something directly to me...but regardless she seems to still blames me for his, at times unpleasant attitude towards her. This is mostly hurtful due to the fact that I have continuously encouraged my husbands tolerance (and respect) of her regardless of her manipulative nature toward us. Every birthday and holiday I go out of my way to ensure no one is forgotten. Often being a wife and mommy is a thankless job and that’s always fine by me. I don’t need to shout from the hills every morning what I’ve done for anyone.
All in all, I have been through much worse times and i realize I am healing from my past and guilty of sticking my neck out for love. I am sure I will find a way pick my head up and fight the good fight with love and perseverance but today...I am tired of the caddy games and hierarchical family abuse from elders (just because they can). Is it too late want to strive for a peace and independence without WWII?? I have many close friends but little to no family (and few traditions) in my life outside my sisters and our little unit. Ideally I’d like to show respect and regard for my DH family and their traditions. However, I also have my own hopes and dreams for traditions of our own but feel like I am be whitewashed at ever turn! I want to protect the relationship my girls have with their grandparents but If my MIL can’t see that our plans and wishes take precedence then my DH and I will have to create some space.
If you have any recommendations, would appreciate them greatly.
P.s., I tried to write this without bringing race into.
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2020.05.23 07:33 Silverjerk DQ11 Plot synopsis/lore recap up to Puerta Valor?

Looking for anyone that can help provide a recap of the first 15-20 hours of the game. I was playing DQ11 back in 2017/2018, got up to the Casino in Puerta Valor and then I stepped away to travel for work, which turned into a very extensive hiatus from gaming. I decided to jump back into DQ11 for the holiday weekend and fell back in love with it almost immediately (also finally finished Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition as well).
Unfortunately, I'd been away for so long that even the very well-written in-game recap wasn't cutting it. I'm totally lost. I don't remember what spheres are, how/why exactly Jade is in my party. I remember Syl came along during a dessert kingdom, horse race scenario, but I don't remember the details of that plotline.
Can anyone provide a quick synopsis up to this point in the game, and help me get reacquainted with the story? I'm now heading into the Tentacular fight, but literally everything leading up to the Casino is completely lost on me. I remember the old guy is my gramps, Veronica is trapped in a little girl's body (and is super sassy), and that Erik broke me out of jail, and we were looking for an item that his old buddy had that may or may not have been a McGuffin.
Afraid to do a search and run into spoilers (I'm one of those gamers that hates spoilers), so hoping someone can help a Hero out.
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2020.05.19 20:43 Ghost-Quartet 29 Songs You May Have Missed In 2017

Just realized I never posted this. I posted all of these write-ups over the course of the month of April in the Daily Discussion threads, here they are compiled for your reading pleasure.
Ledisi is one of those people who’s big in the r&b/soul sphere that runs perpendicular to the pop scene but doesn’t quite make the area of intersection, which is a shame because she’s golden voiced and releases great music. This song is about the desire for an all encompassing love that loves her “all the way,” complete with a delicate string arrangement and that slow burn classic drum/piano, and she sells the hell out of it. It’s the kind of overly romantic song that usually gets labelled as wedding fodder, but when it sounds this pristine that’s not even pejorative.
This is standard “badass rapper boast” track but she manages to avoid (too many) cliches and elevate the song with synth drenched sonics. She has a very laid back flow that bleeds nicely into her raspy singing and it sounds great; this song just feels good to listen to, it’s very easy on the ears. She sounds like an absolutely fierce queen but there’s also a heartwarming little twist on the lyrics during the bridge that keeps the song from just being empty swagger.
This cut from Queen Elizabitch addresses the daunting topic of body positivity and knocks it out of the park. Her lyrics are layered and inspiration, using clever wordplay to take shots at the more toxic aspects of our beauty obsessed culture in a manner that’s simultaneously tactful and sassy. Her delivery is as fiery as always and the way she just attacks her bars works really well with the beat and the message of this track.
On their final album Fifth Harmony felt mature enough to handle how horny their music was, and without Camila’s hurricane of runs in the mix they had to rely on confidence and charisma rather than just volume. Case in point: “Deliver,” a Mariah-esque r&b track that sees them spitting flirty lines over a smooth arrangement of piano/trap/finger snaps, is possibly the most addicting song in their discography. The song is really written to play to their strengths, giving them material they can handle and allowing each girl a moment to shine.
The manifesto of TOFIE’s “2D music girl” persona, the song puts us into the mind of a pixelated girl living in a computer screen who wants nothing more than to make you happy. If that sounds overly saccharine… well, that’s the point! “Digital Girl” is pure cuteness, just sugary vocals sprinkled over an airy foam of synths with all manner of quirky sound effects layered in to make it that much sweeter. She fully embraces the anime-core style without losing that firm pop edge that makes this a song rather than just empty aesthetic. But the aesthetic isn't half-bad either.
It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Bridgit Mendler last released music… Actually no it’s not, it sucks and I want her back. Still, “Diving” wasn’t an awful note to go out on. Her brand of smooth “submersible” pop is as hypnotic ever, drawing you deeper and deeper into her world with every repeated refrain. She sings this song in a kind of strange place in her voice (like, right about where it breaks) but it makes the song so intimate, like she’s whispering in your ear.
“Empty” is an exploration of depression in the age of partying. It’s tempting to roll your eyes at this pretty white teenage girl rapping about how much life sucks, but the song actually works really well because writing and delivery on this song feel so painfully honest. It’s as edgy as it is relatable, packed with straightforward but true lines and a chorus that will have you screaming along with tears running down your face. It’s a cathartic track that just lets you pour your frustration out, maybe not the healthiest song to have on repeat but one that we all need every now and again.
Unapologetically tracks the journey of Kelsea from a breakup to a new relationship, and in this journey “End Of The World” signals the end of the breakup songs and the beginning of the love songs. It’s a big, beautiful song about the moment where she realizes that what she’s going through isn’t the end of the world, and allows herself to open up to love again. I love the way the melody rises and crests as the drums collapse down on her like the sky is falling, it really makes you feel like she’s pushing through the end of the world.
“Falling For A Lullaby” is propelled by wiry synths and an intense beat, but once the chorus hits and they introduce that dolphin-whistle synth it goes to a whole other level. In general the production has a very edgy vibe which matches the abstract lyrics that describe dreams, fantasies, and power struggles. They don’t really make sense (what does “falling for a lullaby” even mean?) but they sound cool and give the singers a lot to play with. FEMM just demolish the vocals, they sound so intense and their harmonies and riffs on the bridge are the best of their career.
This is a big electropop song with a really nice groove to it, I’ve seen it compared to The Talking Heads and it feels kinda Imagine Dragons-esque to me. It starts off kinda slow, just some repeating loops of music, but about a minute and a half in it just explodes into this huge chorus and then the party keeps going until the end. There’s so much power in that simple, shouted out “I wish we were friends again” that keeps me coming back for more.
The video for Chuu’s debut solo single “Heart Attack” depicts her as a young woman hopelessly in love with her group member Yves, so it’s appropriate that the single’s B-side should be a duet between the two, and while it’s not the out and proud lesbian duet one would hope for it’s still a delightful song. Musically it’s a swirling disco duet, with Chuu and Yves trading breathy lines over some really tasty guitar licks. Despite their repeated insistence that “it’s all about you boy” there’s an air of mischievousness to the track, a bit of a hair flip and a giggle. What does that mean? It’s just girl’s talk. gay
Dorian Electra really blew up last year thanks to a Charli XCX feature and the critical reception of Flamboyant, but I think a lot of Dorian’s pre-Flamboyant work is unfairly ignored and it’s a shame because they gave us some gems like “Jackpot.” It’s a fairly straightforward synth pop song but that’s not a bad thing, and it’s easy to hear hints of the hyper-pop sound that Dorian would later find success with. There’s a kind of cheap, almost sleazy feel to the song that’s definitely intentional and a lot of fun, and the neon tinged Las Vegas casino fantasy music video is one of my favorites from them.
This song has been stuck in my head since 2017. It’s the kind of song that creeps up on you, Lia Lia never raises her voice and the instrumental is fairly low-key, but the song is so instantly memorable. The stuttering drum machine contrasts nicely against her gentle voice, which helps both elements really pop. It feels like she’s threaded the gentle melody through the noise around it and the effect is almost hypnotic.
Tinashe said she cried for two days when the label forced her to release “Flame,” which is understandable for many reasons. Obviously the label was mistreating her and preventing her from releasing the r&b music that she wanted to make, but also she had already released a better version of the song earlier in the year? "Quit You," her collaboration with Lost Kings, is also a fairly straightforward ‘80s influenced synth pop song but strong writing and production have made it memorable years later. It has a very “2017” vibe reminiscent of some of the older stuff by The Chainsmokers. It’s easily digestible fun with an aggressively catchy melody and a great drop to spice it up.
Listening to this song the immediate reaction is “this is bizarre” but the more you listen to it the more hypnotic it becomes. The soporific autotuned vocals, the contrast between the softer elements (the bells and synths) and the harder ones (the drums and guitar), the bluntly edgy lyrics, they’re an eclectic mix that feels very unique. He strikes an interesting balance between darkness and sweetness, his music and aesthetics seem very dark but his melodious voice and a strange sense of gentleness undercut that. Interestingly we also have the demo for this song (which was found geocached behind a cafe) which in a weird sort of way I almost like better.
When I first heard What If Nothing I instantly pegged that this song would be a huge hit. I was wrong, of course, but I stand by the sentiment. This is the slickest foot stomper WALK THE MOON have put out since “Shut Up And Dance” and if there were any justice it would have received at least a fraction of that same success. WALK THE MOON are a true band, and every member is firing off on all cylinders here. Every part of this track is just so damn good; the drums, the guitars, the bassline, the synths, any one element could easily carry another song on its back but they stuck them all into the same track and the result is sheer euphoria.
This song is a cover of a hugely famous Japanese song, and while the original is charmingly retro, this is sleekly modern. TWINKIDS give the song fresh life with trendy electronic production but the almost vaporwave vibe they go with helps it retain an air of nostalgia. They transform the song into a swirling duet and add plenty of bubbling synths that give a lot of layers to the song while still respecting how great the original melody is. They mesh well with the source material: they give it a more modern twist, it ropes in their tendency to get too ambient, and the end result is a really cool track.
Though they aren’t exactly huge, Haiku Hands definitely made an explosive debut with this song. An electro-rave track, this song seems to be made up only of speaker pounding bass which the girls shout quotable lines over. What do the lyrics mean? What is the song about? Why are they yelling? That all seems secondary to the irresistible energy and bratty attitude that flow from the song. There’s an undeniable style to Haiku Hands, an air of effortless cool that’s a little unusual, but very refreshing.
2017 was the 25th anniversary of the legendary hit “Finally,” and while CeCe celebrated that she made sure to drop a new song to remind the kids that she’s still got it. This is such a carefree song that invites you to dance all of your problems away in the club, and the chorus is definitely an earworm! It’s got a groovy house beat (of course), a string section, backup singers, everything you’d want and expect from a diva like CeCe. While it’s not destined to become a classic or anything, it’s a great throwback to that ‘90s house sound and a wonderful shot of fun for fans of that era.
Ashnikko makes what I affectionately term as “super villain rap” with an alt-pop twist characterized by heavy beats, braggadocios lyrics, and a slightly fucked up perspective. “Sass Pancakes” is a madcap monster of a track, starting off with an ironic sample of an old pancake commercial before Ashnikko bursts onto the track and describes some decidedly unwholesome things. Her flow is fantastic for the textured beat and she delivers a lot of fun, memorable lines with charisma. The song just has such a wild, unhinged energy that’s kept me coming back to it even years later.
Kelly shows a different side of herself here, a sultrier one that I don’t normally associate with her but that she carries off very well. Kelly is known for her huge vocals but this song is about playing coy and the more subdued approach really works. She purrs out that invitation to slow dance, which is actually her way of rejecting this guy’s advances but she makes it sound so damn good you don’t even notice. The smoky production, which features heavy drums and a suggestive string arrangement, is really pretty and the perfect backdrop for her.
The song is built around a simple (but relatable) sentiment that’s almost corny, but BANNERS is wailing his heart out and the music sounds so HUGE that it succeeds through sheer force of will. It’s just such a robust song. Everything about it is perfectly calibrated for maximum impact, from the smooth violin that gives a sense of forward motion to the background shouts that pop in momentarily just to punch up the chorus. Foot stomping, stadium filling guitar driven pop songs are easy to create a facsimile of but hard to master, and BANNERS managed to nail this one to the wall.
Both Vanic and the singer bring their A-game and it pays off with a huge EDM banger. It’s a fairly straightforward track that compares looking at someone to staring at the sun, but the music elevates it to a whole new level. I love when the drop in an EDM song actually conveys something, and this hammering drop that seems to tear the world apart really captures how it feels to look at someone you find almost too beautiful to exist. There’s awe in this song, one could say it’s… awesome.
“Switch” is a nice little Latin flavored pop-rap track, but the Tom Swoon remix takes it to another level. He slows the tempo and bulks up the production with trap drums and tropical house beats to give it a bit more muscle, and both Iggy and Anitta sound much better for it. The real treasure is the drop he adds after the chorus, which takes advantage of the additional momentum he adds to give the song more of a climax and extend the already great chorus even longer. This remix just has this huge, heavy energy that I love.
Long before RuPaul’s Drag Race, the most common place to see drag queens on television was on trashy daytime talk shows like Maury or Ricki Lake, which would air segments like “Man or Woman?” Manila Luzon pays tribute to this era in her own unique way: she flips the infamous phrase “that’s a man Maury” around to describe a man who doesn’t care that she’s a drag queen! The relationship that the lyrics describe is full of details that are actually really wholesome, which grounds all the campiness in a genuinely sweet sentiment, and the smooth r&b melody with the sultry (shockingly un-autotuned) vocals actually work really well.
This song is expertly assembled: the lyrics describe wanting to run away on an adventure with someone (setting the sleek Tokyo as the destination) and then a bouncy house beat and dreamy synths bring this wanderlust to life. The production is so smooth and clear, it feels like it flows into the ear like cool air, and the vocalist slots into the mix perfectly. I’ve looked into this “Light House” figure and I haven’t been able to find anything on her, which is a shame because I love her voice. She has that light, smooth quality that’s almost Vocaloid-esque, and her performance really takes this song to another level.
This song is built around a slick chorus that builds and builds until it slides right into the next verse, a neat little trick that keeps the song flowing and matches the cheeky lyrics. She describes this story of undercover romance so well it basically feels like reading a frothy little piece of fan fiction, just a frothy string of enticing moments. I especially love the acoustic bridge with its sly lyrics where she teases her lover, it gives another layer to the song’s overall mischievous energy. Kehlani’s ability to craft a catchy hook and then deliver it well always impresses me!
This song is off-the-wall maximalist, it starts off quiet and low but once that first chorus hits it’s an explosion of noise with rattling drum machines and expertly placed synth pads that just keep upping the ante until the song is over. She serves huge vocals that crackle with energy, her voice sounds kind of tight but I’m into it. There’s also some silly voicemails peppered throughout the track that give it a sense of campy melodrama. It’s a monster of a pop song, Bree has been gaining some traction lately but this should have made her a star back in 2017.
I don’t know if I can really call this “underrated” because it was a decent country hit and Rascal Flats are huge but it’s a bop and I’ve never seen it mentioned on here. It’s very well written, with a super strong melody and romantic lyrics that make great use of repetition. I find the straightforward, unironic sentiment of it to be very charming, kind of like a Nicholas Sparks movie. I guess sometimes… country good.
Here were the accompanying albums.
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2020.05.17 19:47 AlohaAlex r/KDRAMA and the Dramas That Stole our Hearts 2017 Edition

Will I be able to mention all of your favorite 2017 dramas? No. I won't even be able to fit in all the dramas I've seen in 2017, especially since we're listing all the dramas which ended in 2017. Please don't throw angry Kim Tan gifs at me, Reddit doesn't allow posts which are that long.
Anyway, the drama which clearly marked the start of 2017 was definitely Goblin. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Whatever your feelings, it had amazing cinematography, a perfect OST and some incredible acting (and the bromance! Don't forget about the bromance!). The drama's budget again raised the quality which was expected from blockbuster kdramas. It caused a mayhem not seen since DotS and often threatened to overwhelm the subreddit with Goblin posts. Little did we know that Goblin would pave the road for dramas to come, as romantic dramas clearly separated into two main groups once again: fantasy romcoms and slice-of-life romcoms.
Fantasy romcoms were the name of the game in 2017, an not a month passed without a new one dazzling us with novel comedic effects and superb CGI. There was the incredible proof of acting talent in Legend of the Blue Sea in which Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho were given absolute improvisation freedom which resulted in the most giffable scenes of the year. Also, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon took us on a trip to a disgusting tortureserial killer's underground lair cheerful bromance romcom ride and Hit the Top transported us from the 90s to modern times while Go Back Couple did the exact opposite. Borg Mom showed us that while bringing people back from the dead might not be possible, you can just build their robot replacements. Of course, then came along Reunited Worlds, proving it is possible and all that robot building was for naught.
A more serious fantasy romance tone was taken by another smash-hit-success, Chicago Typewriter, which proved old-fashioned technology is still the best, though somewhat cursed. However, it's not like knowing the future can solve all your problems either, as proven by Tomorrow With You.
Finally, catching bad guys didn't escape the fantasy makeover, as crime fantasy romances suddenly revived, airing the gorgeous and well though out While You Were Sleeping which managed to be both gripping and deliciously humorous.
For all who weren't feeling the fantasy twist, or simply needed a break between two fantasy dramas, slice-of-life romcoms were all the rage, proving everyday lives can still bring forth great stories, Fight For My Way being a perfect example. There was also the multi-couple Because This Is My First Life which examined the problems of young couples (and their thought on marriage), Strongest Deliveryman (Itaewon Class' predecessor), Radiant Office which explored the world of office politics and the super cute 20th Century Boy and Girl which proved adults can have adorable romances too - honestly, I sometimes mix this one with HPL. Finally, The Package took us on a slow and healing, yet stunning road-trip to France that showed us there's always more hidden underneath the surface. Oh, and Age of Youth 2 aired.
Youth romcoms were pretty much covered by a single drama: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo which also had high meme potential and was visually very pretty (I see you Nam Joo Hyuk) and achieved great popularity despite some seriously disturbing messages (family violence is normal, adults should make decisions for you..). Also airing in 2017 were School 2017 and much-better-than-its-name The [email protected]
Those after a more typical romance experience were left with Introverted Boss (remember the mess this one caused - the emergency rewrites and online riots?) and Suspicious Partner.
Of course, a year this good means there had to be some seriously bad dramas and did 2017 deliver or what? Starting with the so-pretty-but-so-terrible The Bride of Habaek and great-atmosphere-terrible-everything-else Black Knight as fantasy representatives, and moving on to the so-bad-it's-good My Secret Romance (which is actually a full drama length underwear PPL), Siwon-can't-pick-a-good-drama-to-save-his-life Revolutionary Love, great-idea-bad-execution Hospital Ship and the disappointing adaptation of a famous Japanese movie The Liar and His Lover. Finally, who could forget the culturally inappropriate Man Who Dies to Live which caused a diplomatic embarrassment on a pan-Asian scale.
The "what genre is this even" award was clearly won by Avengers Social Club which is probably the drama of 2017 you haven't, but definitely should, watch. It's the rarest kdrama unicorn: a strong female friendship, slice-of-life revenge comedy. A honorable mention has to go to Missing 9 and its beige aesthetics.
If you got tired of romances, you could thankfully enjoy the incredibly action/thriller dramas like the why-didn't-I-watch-this-sooner Stranger, love-it-or-hate-it Voice and the psychological sci-fi drama which made everyone fall in love with You Jin Goo, Circle. Also airing were suspense crime dramas Defendant, the thought-provoking Duel, insurance-fraud centered Mad Dog, time traveling serial-killer investigation in Tunnel and the deeply confusing Black.
Proving that thrillers can have more than one word titles and still instill long-lasting chill in your bones, Save Me explored the world of South Korea's disturbing religious cults. Good old-fashioned catching bad guys, meanwhile, was served by Bad Guys Age of Evil (the sequel to the original Bag Guys) and The Guardians.
Those up for some comedies with a crime twist could always laugh their way along while watching Chief Kim (a seemingly ordinary accounting office drama), Man to Man and its numerous KFC PPL or the super vaguely described but weirdly compelling Queen of Mystery.
Sageuk fans? Anyone? 2017 gave us My Sassy Girl, Rebel; Thief Who Stole the People, The Empereor: Owner of the Mask, Queen For Seven Days and Saimdang, Light's Diary.
Family dramas brought us the single best family drama to date: Father is Strange which I loved so much I literally giffed all 52 episodes. It was fun, it was romantic, it was cleverly thought out, it had amazing characters and made even celebrity couples argue about who their favorite couple was. Have you still not watched it? Even though it's free on youtube with subtitles? Also airing in 2017, My Golden Life was good, but nowhere near as amazing as Father is Strange. Makjang fans were extremely satisfied when Money Flower aired.
Finally, short and web dramas exploded in 2017 - there's no way to list even all the great ones - there was simply too many. The best I can do is list some of them and let others express their opinions. Girl's Generation 1979 showed us shorts could have touching stories as we followed the lives and struggles of teenage girls in the 70s, Somehow 18 took us on a tragic high-school time-slip, Last Minute Romance was a touching, incredibly romantic story about a woman hiring a famous actor lookalike after finding she had terminal cancer. Fantasy craziness was delivered in spades with Oh! Dear Half-Basement Goddesses, a story about four ditzy minor Greek goddesses that got stuck in South Korea while another Oh! drama, called Oh My Grace took the "worst kdrama of 2017 and not even the funny-bad kind" award. Top tip: avoid.
Long Time No See gave us the first LGBT couple as main leads with a happy ending in kdrama history, while Wednesday 3:30 PM taught us how to create the perfect lovestagram. Other adorable short include the blink-and-you'll-miss-it slice-of-life hilarity of We Are Peaceful Brothers (watch it) and The Boy Next Door about two college-aged neighbors and the strings of fate which keep pulling them into trouble together.
(please note, this series of articles sorts dramas by the year they finished airing in, not the year they started airing in, so a December drama which also aired in January belongs to the following year)
I'm sure we didn't manage to list all 2017 dramas that deserve some love, so feel free to add the ones we skipped. Talk about the ones you enjoyed; they definitely deserve some love. Alternatively, you may share those you just don't get the love for or that haven't stood the test of time, they're all fair game today.
Maybe you haven't watched a drama from 2017 yet, either you think they are too dated (How? It's just three years?), are new to watching Korean dramas, or just haven't gotten around to one yet. Hopefully our comments will inspire you to give one a go. You can also check out the rotating banner (on mobile) or the sidebar on PC (new reddit) for more inspiration. You might have noticed, but every day the sidebar images change to reflect the year we're currently discussing.
The Weekly Binge started discussions for Personal Taste, if anyone is interested in starting a pure drama crack rom-com from this era. We're discussing episodes 6-8 today, so you still have time to catch up before it ends! It's one of Lee Min Ho's nicer characterizations! Or, you know, just binge it alone if that's more your style? Just don't miss the crazy.
I'm definitely looking forward to everyone's feelings about 2017 dramas and more (or less) successful trends. Tell us what you loved and what you hated. Ask if you're interested about the mentioned dramas. We'll also join in the comments, describing our favorites, though you can probably guess what my feelings are about these dramas already. Does anyone even read this part? If you do, here, have a two part gift. Or is this one more your style? Anyway, happy watching and discussing! ^^
Previous discussions:
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2020.05.03 00:28 mystifiedone Saying Bye to the old girl (‘09/202k), and Hello to my sassy new-ish 2017. She only has 14k on her so off we go on new adventures!!

Saying Bye to the old girl (‘09/202k), and Hello to my sassy new-ish 2017. She only has 14k on her so off we go on new adventures!! submitted by mystifiedone to rav4club [link] [comments]

2020.04.26 21:39 tutetibiimperes Nugu Roundup #36 - Get in to IN2IT - 200426

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we checked out the talented new rookie group CRAXY. This week let's take a look at a boy group that just embarked on a new chapter in their career - let's get in to IN2IT!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
And now, on to the show....
Who are they?: IN2IT is a six-member boy group who were originally created from the 2016 MNet survival show Boys24. Their name comes from combining 'Intuition' to 'Know Instinctively' and is a play on 'In To It'.
Company: While the group debuted under MMO Entertainment, home to solo singer-songwriter Kim Feel and indie-pop duo Hoons, as of February of this year IN2IT severed ties with the company and will be operating as an independent group.
Debut: October 25th, 2017 with Amazing (MV) Live Stage (Link). The MV was filmed in Kazakhstan, a nice upbeat light trop-house track produced by Double Sidekick and prolific producer for nugu groups Bull$eye.
Most Recent Comeback: ULlala (Poisoning) (MV) Live Stage (Link) A moody and dark Salsa track with some dance and EDM elements.
Other MVs and Live Stages
YouTube Channel: Official IN2IT
KProfiles: Link
Random Stuff
Trivia: IN2IT has toured extensively, including performances in India, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the USA. Inpyo, Jiahn, Inho, and Hyunuk have been in the drama "Her Private Life". Former member Sungho is now in the group 1Team. Former member Jinsub left due to medical reasons, and former member Sunghyun left due to his father's failing health. It was revealed that the group had never been paid any money by MMO, which combined with the MNet vote manipulating scandal and additional scrutiny of the group because of that they chose to have their contracts with MMO terminated. For a nearly exhaustive list of links revolving around many of their activities, check out their Namu Wiki page.
Soloist of the Week
Who is she?: An independent singesongwritecomposer leaning towards the R&B and hip-hop style
Real Name: Park Ji Yeon
Age: 27 (IA)
Debut: June 5th, 2015 with 맘에 안들지 (You Don't Like It) (audio) a hard-hitting hip-hop style track
Most Recent Release: October 29th, 2019 with Red Light (audio) a smooth slow-jam R&B style track
Other Releases
Kprofiles: Link
YouTube Channel: iLLA The Music
Trivia: She is an accomplished composeproducer, having produced for WA$$UP, P.L.T., Z-Stars, and many others. She was a member of the girl group VNT under the stage name Lil J which debuted in 2010 but only lasted for several months. Their release was Sound (Ye Ye Ye) (MV). The other former members of VNT continued in other groups or as soloists, including leader Tina who debuted under her birth name Chaewon as a soloist and now promotes as XOi and SoYumi who later joined Kiss&Cry and now promotes as a trot singer.
In Memorium
Who were they?: A three to five (depending on the time) member girl group under 2L and later DAM Entertainment.
Company: I can't find much on 2L, but DAM Entertainment is the home of sexy girl/dance group Girl Crush.
Active Between: October 19th, 2015 - sometime in 2019
Random Stuff
Reasons for Disbandment: Unknown, but it appears they were always operating on the knife's edge of an ultra-low budget. They experienced the normal amount of nugu girl group membership shuffle and were down to only three towards the end of their promotions.
Trivia: Their YouTube channel has been deleted and replaced by the YouTube channel for a male soloist named Vin. Former leader Nayoon was previously a member of Black Queen (which is now Hey Girls) and is now the leader of ChumChurum who may be a dance cover group or a group that will release new music, it's hard to find much information since the group's name is also the brand name of a popular brand of Soju. Hyokyung, who was previously of LA_TTE and Switch Berry, is now a member of LABELUP as Coca, and also DJs under the name DJ Coca. Vandi, who was previously of Scarlet, Pocket Girls, and Cupid, is now a soloist going by Blue Berry and her birth name Ahn Solhee, she has a YouTube Channel.
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for his amazing work with nugutown.
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2020.04.19 04:33 Langston1113 My VERY FIRST encounter (for the new hobbyists in the group).

From my college years to my 30’s, I’ve never cheated on a girlfriend or significant other. During that time frame, I had 2 very long relationships and multiple shorter dating relationships. My sexual appetite was being suppressed by traditional values and me being a hopeless romantic. I would wait for relationships to blossom, develop, and after a long time eventually become physical. This is what had been ingrained in my mind by narratives force-fed to me then reinforced by my very proper family and inner circle. You don't go sleeping around, period.
But around the time that I began to reevaluate my life’s career decisions and trajectory, I also separated sex and from romance.
It was after our organization’s annual conference, something that I had a vital role in both in planning & preparation as well as presenting. I was overworked and underpaid, not to mention sexually frustrated. It had been at least 18 months since the last time I had sex - at least. WTF!!! I’m a good looking guy and know how to handle the ladies. But I had set my bar way too high, having foolishly convinced myself that the girls I should be with at that time all should be “marriage material.” Most of the girls I had dated were thin so at this point I didn’t yet appreciate curvy women.
Immediately after the event before everyone had regrouped, while people were still leaving the venue, I booked a room at a hotel, went there and started surfing through Backpage. It took several hours to book someone. Finally, I set something up with a young Latina and she kept me updated as she was heading to my hotel.
JOURNAL NOTES: Came as chaperone but I chose her instead; a little chubby; She thought I had finished earlier and was lying; finished in doggystyle; she had an argument on the phone with her driver waiting for her ride; “You’re gonna sleep like a baby tonight."
The “madame” came with the young escort on the appointment to show her the ropes and make sure she was safe. I just remember that the escort was young, blonde, a little heavy, and very nervous. But as for the madame, she was a confident, talkative, sassy Latina that was probably in her late-20s. She immediately made my dick hard. She was accompanying the young escort for what seemed like her first outing. She came into my hotel room, looked me over and told the escort, “See? He’s a good guy. You don’t have anything to worry about.”
As the madame was leaving, I told her, “I want you. Yeah, I’ll take you instead.”
She looked at me and laughed and said, “No, papi, she’s the one you called for. I just came to make her feel safe.”
But I took her by the hand and said, “I like you better.” She laughed again and said, “Yeah? Hahaha. Okay papi.”
She sent the young blonde away and told her to wait in the car with the driver. The young one asked her a question, but the madame shooed her away so we could get the show on the road.
It was quick but apparently not quick enough for her. I remember a CBJ in the middle of the bed, followed by her mounting me in cowgirl, where I immediately saw the benefit of a curvy woman - feeling that soft, warm flesh making contact with so much of my body was quite different from what I was used to. I turned her over in doggystyle and enjoyed myself. I had my tongue out and my head tilted up to the ceiling like, “Thank you GOD, it’s been so long!!!”
She thought I was done and I said I didn’t cum yet. “Really, papi, are you sure?” She grabbed my dick to check the condom. “Why noooooot, papiiiiii???” she playfully said while twerking her ass. “Okay, let’s go, rápido, rápido, papi.” This time I pulled her to the edge of the bed so I could plant my feet on the floor.
I pounded away. What fun. Then I came for real. She jokingly congratulated me by giving me a round of applause.
I cleaned myself off then came to bed where she was curled up by the headboard and making some calls. I was ready for bed. Then I was shaken by the sound of her cursing out her driver in Spanish, yelling at him to hurry back.
When it was time for her to leave, she looked back at me from the foot of the bed and said, “Look at you! You’re gonna sleep like a baaaaby tonight!” I was very comfortable in bed but mustered the strength to get up, giver her a hug, and grab her gigantic ass one more time. Then I plopped back in bed and truly slept like a baby.
  1. Solution found. I was now convinced that hobbying was the solution I was looking for to cut to the chase and just .
  2. Better than porn. I had begun to look down on myself for my porn habit during the dry spell - I shouldn’t have, but I did. So I figured hobbying was also the replacement for porn and masterbating.
  3. Costs could be reduced. Now that I knew how quick the encounter was, there was no reason to get a fancy hotel. A cheap motel with an inexpensive escort would work just fine.
Still, I didn’t dive into the hobby right away. It wouldn’t be until a year later, in May 2017, that I resumed and went full throttle.
It's been so EASY, so CONVENIENT, and so SATISFYING.
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2020.04.01 17:55 cooklanbrahh [SHARE] Fitness Guide Megathread 2 Free Download

Download any of these for free at
DM me if you have any requests for anything not on the list.
Please subscribe the sub to find all the latest fitness guide releases.
  1. Taylor Kaytee's Nutrition Guide and all other guides,
  2. Courtney Black's Guides,
  3. Alexa Stanco 2.0,
  4. Katya (2019 purple thick gym challenge screenshots with meals - ongoing, home Intermediate booty builder, beginner beach body home, 2019 fall challenge Home Thicc, 6 week purple, WBK Outta this world PDF with video links and exercise descriptions, 2020 thicc gym challenge with meals, Recipe Guide, 2020 recipe book with raspberries on her fingers, 1200 meal plan, 1600 meal plan, 2000 meal plan, How to healthify your recipes, 2020 PDF Purple HOME [8 weeks] with video links, 2020 PDF 8 wk Purple GYM thicc with video links),
  5. Amanda Bucci's The Basics Training Guide (contains exercise plans), macronutrient guide,
  6. Body By Tati's (Fat Blast Workout & Big Booty Tight Tummy and weight gain deluxe, 6 week home body sculpt, 6 week gym body sculpt, 30 day fat blast, 6 week at home workout plan with resistance bands - old version, 4 week body sculpting for home and gym - old version, 4 week losing weight and maintaining booty for home and gym - old version, 12 week HOME booty with official meal plan, 12 week GYM booty, ),
  7. Athlean X Extreme,
  8. Anita Herbert (Fit Queen challenge 1-4, 2020 New Year New Me, 2020 My Day My Way, 2019 Christmas challenge, 2019 Christmas challenge recipes, booty guide, nutrition guides, Personalized plan for Bikini Body Transformation with weekly exercises and meal plans),
  9. DESB (DBFT 1.0, Lit Lean Fit, Fit in 6, Timeless),
  10. Jem Wolfie's (workouts by Wolfie, Hourglass Plan 2.0),
  11. Katie Corio's [ Booty Bible, Bikini (gym 1.0 and home 1.0, gym 2.0, HIIT Abs, Plyo ebook)],
  12. Dani Munoz's (2019 6 week lower body, Lower body Vol 2, lazy gal, full body 1 & 2 (gym), 6-week booty guide, fall 2019 challenge, Summer body year round vol 2, Summer Body Year Round 1, Tight Tummy 1.0, Tight Tummy 2.0, Tight Tummy 3.0, Booty Bible 1 & 2 & 3 [2 Booty Bible 2.0 - one has a yellow cover and the other has a dark blue cover), Lazy Girl 8 week [gym], booty workout guide with meal plan, and many others, Spring App Challenge 10 weeks, Winter Home 8 week workouts and nutrition, NEW 2019 At Home Full Body 6 week Program with her hand in her hair in a black bikini staring at the screen with a sexy look and pink square with the name of the guide in the bottom left hand corner, Quaranthicc Booty, Tight Tummy Vol 4, ),
  13. Sarah Grace (8 week plan),
  14. all Mari Llewellyn guides,
  15. Nastassia (app guide screenshots compiled: home Glute 2.0, Glute 1.0 gym booty guide ; Pdf: full body, home glutes, 4 week ab guide, upper body guide),
  16. Gauge girls (Latin meal, beginner home and advanced gym MESOMORPH, beginner ENDOMORPH, it's 99 diet - 101 recipes, 6 week shred, 6 Week Dairy Free Keto Budget Shred for Women),
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Rachel Dillion's Nutrition Guide (34pg), Reverse dieting 101, 6 week bikini body challenge meal plan, IIFYM book, 28 day shred 2.0 meal plans, food swap tables,
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  17. Natacha Oceane's (HIIT guide, Build, Cut, Cut Reload, Move, Unique exercises that frequent Natacha's guides video links, Home Aflete screenshots),
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Oxygen Challenge (12 week Oxygen Challenge with workouts and exercise glossary) for: Erin Stern (True HIIT, Training and Meal Plan)
Oxygen Challenge (12 week Oxygen Challenge with workouts and advice) for: Erin Stern (The Art of Lifting), Ashley Kaltwasser, Jamie Eason, Amanda Latona,
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  2. Hanna Oeberg (3 day split & 5 day split: Get fit 2.0, Get Lean stay healthy; Get Strong 2.0 upper body focus, Get fit with Hanna Oeberg, Glute Guide, Glute Guide 2.0, Home workout exercise library pics only, 2018 Summer body workout exercise library pics AND Summer Body Aflete APP SCREENSHOTS, Eat healthy 12 easy recipes),
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  5. Katy Hearn (BAB: Build a booty 4.0 gym version, Build a booty V5; App screenshots: summer 2018 APP and spring 2018 APP, 2016 Winter which is not the one circulating on the shared drive, ),
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  9. Busybee Carys (Summer Shape up, Shape up Vol 1 & 2, ultimate ffull body, full home workout ufbg, booty building, exercise catalogue showing exercise pics and description, workout logs, NEW Summer Shape Up exercise catalogue with exercise pics and description),
  10. Rachel Aust / Eat Run Lift (8 week transformation guide, 8 week transformation guide Vol2, Get Lean Mesomorph, Get Lean Endomorph ),
  11. Live Fit Elle (Build, Build and Burn 8 week guide, HIIT guide - all compressed files),
  12. Niykee Heaton (7 day detox - loads of recipes and an exercise video at the very end),
  13. Bodibiday (12 weeks booty camp, NEW Lean Sculpt Challenge Round 2 with WORKABLE video links),
  14. u/Mirah_fit / Amirah Abden (Mealplan and full body workout),
  15. Nicole Mejia (Fit Thick Guide subscription months - April, May, June, July, August),
  16. Jaclyn Mcmillan / jac_mcm (get glutes 1 & 2, Build your Body Program Phases 1-3, Sexy for summer, Get Right Get Tight Challenge Gym, Get Right Get Tight Challenge Home, 21 Day Bums & Tums Challenge Gym, 21 Day Bums & Tums Challenge Home),
  17. Jade Ramey (Ab plan, 12 weeks booty building program),
  18. Hattie Boydle (12 week Oxygen Challenge with pics & exercise glossary, Beginner Aesthetics Fitplan App),
  19. Erin Stern (Oxygen Challenge: True HIIT, The Art of Lifting, Training and Meal Plan, Train Like a Bodybuilder PDF compressed; Strong & Sculpted),
  20. Robyn Ashcroft (Hourglass Figure Guide),
  21. Caroline O' Mahony (Fit Girl's Guide to Tracking Macros, Caroline's Fit Plan),
  22. Brittany Perille (Guide to Greater Glutes Vol 1 & 2, Ultimate Guide to Restore your Core and Pelvic Floor),
  23. Ashley Kaltwasser (12 week Oxygen Challenge Workouts with Meal Plan),
  24. Rah Rah Booty 2 (compressed file to 2MB),
  25. Brittany Lesser (B-fit blueprint Phases 1 & 2),
  26. Jamie Eason's (Livefit bodybuilding workout 83 days, Oxygen Challenge Workouts and Meal Plan),
  27. Kenzie Burke (10 day reboot, 21 days to your best body),
  28. Zanna van dijk (Sculpt Guide),
  29. Mark Carroll (The Challenge Female Beginner Phase 1 and 2 * [NOT TRADING under friend's request], The Challenge Phase 1 Female Advanced Phase 1 and 2 * [NOT TRADING under friend's request], Art of Reverse Dieting, Exit Strategy: Your Plan after the plan ends, Art of General Population, Building the bikini body 1 & 2, ), <--[Art of Reverse Dieting and Your Plan After the Plan Ends are similar, but in reverse dieting, you have a more detailed example how you should do it. Your Plan has just a paragraph of reverse dieting , and the reverse dieting, you have everything even when you're cutting or bulking. Your Plan explains how to continue training or eating when you finish following a gen pop trasnf or male method or bikini body vol2],
  30. Claire P Thomas / CPT (CPT 1.0 &2.0, core guide, glute guide, away team, home team, all star team, ),
  31. Betty Rocker (90 day challenge exercise descriptions and weekly rundown, 90 day workout log with videos for beginneintermediate/advanced, 30 day challenge, 5 meal plans - 8 week meal plan 382 pages, 90 day meal plan recipe guide, 90 day meal plan recipe guide food swap, complete 30 day challenge nutrition starter),
  32. LLTV (Female guides: complete Build a butt 1-3 with nutrition and meals, Pull up babe, Gunz to go with your bunz 1-10, home shred, FFW BAB HYBRID CALENDAR,),
  33. Sumeet Sahni (regular 8 week plan, personalized 8-week plan with links that was sent through email by Sahni),
  34. Anna Victoria (FBG 1 & 2, home guide, lean and fit at home, 28 day slay, Slay September 4 weeks with video links, Jump Start June 5 weeks with video links, 4 weeks to fit eating guide,Fit Body Guide 12 week meal plan, Fit Body Guide Plant-Based Meal Plan,),
  35. Bodied by Ty / Ty Smith (Bigger better booty program),
  36. Pao's Fit World (Sexy Strong Body Method 1.0 & 2.0, HIIT),
  37. Cien Wiatru / Paulina Wojcik (Booty by Cienwiatru),
  38. Fit Canviar / FitWFaith / Alejandra Barron (Jan 6, 2020 - Mar 6, 2020, ),
  39. Hope Howard (8 week booty-building guide, 8 week Female Gym-based Guide, Full Body 2.0, new Home Workouts Guide 3.0, new 8 week Lean and Tone),
  40. Noelle Benepe (old guides, new core guide, new officical leg and glute GYM book 2020, NB recipes 1400-1800 diet-based),
  41. Trainer Lindsey Matthews (Idealfit 15 day fitbody challenge),
  42. Amanda Hagan (Booty Building and Toning Guide GYM),
  43. Kim French (4 week full body plan with meals and video links, 8 week full body plan with over 250 exercises used in weekly plans and meals),
  44. Tianna Gregory Cook (Train with Tianna G Month 1, Train with Tianna G Month 2 Ebook 7),
  45. Diana Ruiz (NEW Super Shred Official program, NEW Dark Aqua-colored [email protected] challenge book with pics, Old booty camps 1-3, Booty camp home, Summer Ab Guide)
  46. Crystal Suarez (30 day booty guide),
  47. Genesis Lopez / Body by Genesis (Build & Tone 8 week plan),
  48. Body by Ca'shawn Sims /Body by Cookie Sims (6weeks to build a booty, Vol1 7week booty program, COMBINED Vol5 7week booty program and 7week Itty bitty waist GYM, Vol. 6 - Cookie's 7 Week Booty Program Workout Guide with meals, 7week Itty Bitty Waist HOME, How to Get a Fatter Butt in 6 weeks [no volume], Vol.3&4 7week booty program, HOME Full body program 7week [missing weeks5-7], 8week Slim Waist Fat Ass [separate workouts / meal plans], COMBINED 4week Lean Mean Ab Machine workouts & meal plans,),
  49. Nadia Amy (Train Like Nawdzz 30 workouts 30-day body part split workouts),
  50. Jessie Hilgenberg / Jessie's Girls (Muscle Building 2 with nutrition, 14week Bikini Body Vol 2 with nutrition),
  51. Brittany Dawn (Brittany Dawn Fitness Month 1 workouts, individualized guide),
  52. Sweeney Fitness (Hybrid Program 2019),
  53. Daisy Keech (8week Keech Peach booty & abs plan),
  54. Lauren Rae Lacy (12 week Lacy Cakes premium female lower body development program - exercise with video links),
  55. Caitlin Rice (Tone and Shred - beginner),
  56. Hopescope (10 day summer body guide),
  57. Nakita Johnson (No Excuses guide),
  58. Sarah Bogue / Rah Rah (Rah Rah Booty 1 - compressed file, Rah Rah Booty 2.0 -compressed file, Full Body 6 week and pics, Body by Bogues 6 week),
  59. Danielle Pascente (KATG Stronger, Kick Ass Training Guide 1, Kick Ass Training Guide 2, Kickass Treadmill Training guide, ) <-- love the formatting on these guides with pics and textual exercise glossary like Kayla Itsine's ^
  60. Megan Marie Danielewicz (Bootyfull Fitness),
  61. Pauline Nordin (Butt bible 1 & 2 [both have exercise pics and descriptions], Butt Bible 3 with exercise pics),
  62. Lauerin Conlin / Team LoCoFit (Bikini Intermediate),
  63. Malin Bjork (Home Booty Program, Full Body Home),
  64. Em Furey / Furey Fitness (Move Eat Smile),
  65. Diary of a Fit Mom (Strong Body Guide 1),
  66. Alice Jane (28 days lean & clean - includes exercises for trading only under friend's request),
  67. Lauren Drain (2017 Challenge Women - includes workouts for trading only under friend's request),
  68. Lauren Winstanley (Nutrition and Workout Plan - Roxy's Personal Fitness and Diet Plans for trading only under friend's request),
  69. Angelica Kathleen (Bikini Body Blueprint for trading only under friend's request),
  70. Ingrid Romero (Edge Booty Extreme Workbook for trading only under friend's request),
  71. Tara Frost (Circuit Training Blast Plan for trading only under friend's request),
  72. Mommy Trainer (Free: 15 day ebook, another exercise mommy trainer ebook, 6 week fit mommy workouts),
  73. Gina Harney / Fitness sistas (HIIT IT for trading only under friend's request),
  74. Nikkee Lee (Dream Body Challenge for trading only under friend's request),
  75. Steph Pacca (4 week HIIT challenge for trading only under friend's request),
  76. Sophie Brewster (With exercise descriptions: stronger autumn 2017 challenge, stronger home workouts),
  77. Kali Burns (Slim & Sassy for trading only under friend's request),
  78. Jazzy Fit (Caliente Curves, At Home Workout NEW),
  79. Keller Rose Fitness (The Curve Builder for trading only under friend's request),
  80. Kellie Hart Davis (60 days to an epic ass 1,2,3 ; Epic Ass 3 Booty Bonus; Fit Thrive 10 Quick Home Workouts ; Fit Thrive 34 Quick Home Workouts; 12 week Glute & Core Strength Program; 25 Bodyweight Glute Building Exercises; for trading only under friend's request),
  81. Jane Campbell (Build a Booty 3 Months for 3 days/week with Progressive overload system for trading only under friend's request),
  82. Sian Walton (4 week full body fat burn for trading only under friend's request),
  83. Emma Hartley (Ultimate 4 week body part split Training Package for trading only under friend's request),
  84. Alexa Jean (most of her guides, Fight for Fit aka HIIT at Home for trading only under friend's request),
  85. Body by Kalina (Home Slim Thicc Plan 2 weeks with exercise descriptions and videos),
  86. Jen Heward / Sweat with Jen (Home Sweat Home),
  87. Jamie Lee Purnell (JL Peach Glute Guide),
  88. The Instabooty (Home Grown Booty),
  89. Be More Athletics (30 day challenge with Ana Cheri as one of the trainers),
  90. Brianna Chandler / Bribaebee (5 weeks tone your core and healthy meals, her basic glute guides, advanced glute guide, ),
  91. Diana Maux (Leg Day GYM plan),
  92. Emma Fit UK (free Empower Home Workout program),
  93. Taylor Chamberlain Dilk (EMOMS 4 Lyfe guide),
  94. Heidi Somers / Buff Bunny (5 week at home program, 5 weeks to shred, 6 week training plan, 30 day workout plan, 8 week training program Trim and Transform),
  95. Alyson Michelle (Bikini Body I & 2, Booty Guide, 30 MINUTE FIT FIX: VOL I),
  96. Michie Peachie (wedding prep plan screenshots, home plan),
  97. Nastya Nass (advanced gym plan),
  98. Ashy Bines (Butt challenge, Abs challenge - home, gym, and glossary),
  99. Yanet Garcia (Fitplan: Beautiful You),
  100. A Little Taeste (Take it Off - 8week slim and sculpt),
  101. ALPHABAE / KARINA ALPHA (Alpha Abs plan),
  102. BODY RELIGION (Epic Core and Buns Guide),
  103. BRIA NICOLE - BNICK FIT (BFITN6 Total [email protected] Home Training Program),
  104. Chelsea Babe (6 Week Gym Guide),
  105. HANNAH BOWER (4 Week Leg and Glute Guide, 8 Week Full Body Guide, Get Fit at Home, Leg and Booty Exercise Libraries 1 and 2),
  106. JENNA DAVIES (8 Weeks to Your Perfect Peach),
  107. JESSICA AREVALO(2017 Best Self Transformation Challenge),
  108. KARINA RUTLEDGE (My Workout Guide),
  109. LITTLEANDFIT (12 Week Transform Your Life guide),
  110. Amanda Latona (Oxygen Challenge Workouts and Meal Plan),
  111. SHAELASHAE (Shaesthetics 2.0),
  112. SUSE URRUTIA (Grow your Inner Booty),
  113. SYDONA LIFTS (No Bullshit Leg Workout Guide - Advanced),
  114. Alexia Clark (HOME workouts),
  115. MISS CARRIEJUNE(8 Week Shredding Plan, 8 Week Tone and Tighten Program, Full Leg Routine, Minibeast Summer Challenge),
  116. Caroline Candace (The Happy Hormone 12 week exercise guide, The Hormone Reboot - digestive healing and immune strengthening, The Balanced Body Guide with meals and 1 week of exercises,),
  117. Lyzabeth Lopez (Hourglass workout plan, Classic meal plan, vegan meal plan, vegetarian meal plan, hypothyroidism meal plan),
  118. Andreia Brazier (Gym guide,),

  1. Bret Contreras' [Booty by Bret month 15 workout log, Booty by Bret Month 2 workout PLAN only, Months 18 onwards workout PLAN & LOG <-- FYI, workout plan has paragraph descriptions of each exercise, but workout log is just a list of exercises for each day],
Access to Bret's online EXERCISE LIBRARY where each exercise is explained (if you're a member of Booty By Bret <-- Can trade for 2 guides if you give me the passcode),
  1. Brianna Chandler / Bribaebee (any I don't have),
  2. Jade Ramey (any not listed above),
  3. Body by tati (30 day fat blaster gym: , Dumbbell only full body guide, dumbbell only upper body guide, dumbbell only lower body guide),
  4. Brianna Alexander (any I don't have),
  5. DESB / DBFT (any I don't have),
  6. Diana Maux (any I don't have),
  7. Gauge Girl (any I don't have [see above], 12 week glute isolation training program, meal plans, ectomorph HOME and GYM, beginner and intermediate mesomorph GYM, etc.),
  8. Katie Corio (any I don't have above),
  9. My Trainer Carmen (booty blast 2),
  10. Laura G Fit (workouts 2.0),
  11. ,
  12. Jem Wolfie (any not listed above, Hourglass Plan 1.0, Curves),
  13. IMRSF (any I don't have),
  14. Lauren Simpson (Ultimate 6 week plan which is DIFFERENT FROM power booty and lsf booty, Fit 2.0 challenge with pics/exercise descriptions, SAS challenge [aka "Shred and Shape"] and Strong Build Shred series, Goalgetter Strong and Shred) <-- [Should have exercise descriptions],
  15. Brittne Babe / Britnne Jackson's volumes,
  16. Kaylee Ullom (any not above),
  17. Randi Kennedy (any I don't have),
  18. Heba Ali (any I don't have),
  19. Sami B (any I don't have),
  20. FASHION FITNESS FOODIE (Nobs Training and Nutrition Guide)
  21. Madison Ginley (Full Body),
  22. Tian Fitty,
  23. Elizabeth Zaks (EZ Home Booty Builder /EZ Booty Builder Home Edition here:,
  24. Jordanke / Jordan Edwards (the ones I haven't listed above),
  25. Sophie Guidolin (workout programs, any I don't have),
  26. Fitness by Fransson guides (by Amanda and Filippa Fransson),
  27. Rachel Dillion / Bodies by Rachel
(BBR app [team bikini, team booty, team shred]
<-- see her website:
BBR app: home & gym booty round 3),
  1. Jenna DeLeon (any I don't have),
  2. Chelsea Babe (any I don't have),
  3. Whitney Johns,
  4. Bela Fernandez's Full body guide,
  5. Yanita Yancheva (Full Body Workout Plan...or anything else),
  6. Miranda Cohen's (Dreambody Full Body guide),
  7. Hattie Boydle (any I don't have),
  8. Chiara Pugliesi (Fitness Fit Bum),
  9. Stephanie Rao (Ab Definer, Peach Bottom),
  10. Courtney Black (Basic Plan, Advanced Plan, any I don't have)
  11. Anllela Sagra ((any I don't have that's not in the above list),
  12. Erin Stern (only PDF files, NO EPUB pls, any I don't have),
  13. Rachel Aust / Eat Run Lift (any not listed above, My HIIT Guide),
  14. Nicole Mejia (any not listed above),
  15. Jac_mcm / Jaclyn Mcmillan (any not listed above),
  16. u/Mirahfit / Amirah Abden (any not listed above),
  17. Nastya Nass,
  18. Hopescope (any I don't have),
  19. Nastassia Ponomenkaro (anything I don't have listed above),
  20. Alexandra Cane,
  21. Kali Natesa (slim thick, any others by her)
  22. Rachelle Justus fitness,
  23. Caitlin Rice (Tone & Shred - Intermediate, advanced),
  24. Catha Wahl,
  25. Carly Ann Miller,
  26. Caroline Candace (any I don't have),
  27. Katie Crewe (Fitplan app: step up strength, any I don't have),
  28. Stephanie Williams (pro ab guide),
  29. Fit Canviar / FitWFaith / Alejandra Barron (anything BEFORE Jan 6, 2020. Also, March 6, 2020 onwards),
  30. Hope Howard (newer guides, any I don't have),
  31. Hanna Oeberg (any I don't have above, Home workout exercise with REPS & SETS per exercise weekly, Summer body workout with REPS & SETS per exercise weekly <-- NOT JUST PICS!) (new guides that are not in my list above),
  32. Julie Anna Fleming (Booty Building, any I don't have),
  33. Ellie Gonsalvez (Body by Ellie),
  34. Jessie Hilgenberg (any I don't have above, Home, Bikini 1),
  35. Danielle Pascente (any I don't have),
  36. Katya (any guides I don't have above, Peach Please HOME&GYM),
  37. Sarah Bogue / Rah Rah (any I don't have),
  38. Alyson Michelle (Bikini 3.0, Slim Fit 8 week program, any I don't have),
  39. Nakita Johnson (other guides I don't have),
  40. Emma Hartley (any I don't have),
  41. Annie Graft,
  42. Sian Walton (any I don't have),
  1. You and Judie Bikini Body,
  2. Brittany Olsen (any I don't have),
  3. Anna Victoria (any new ones I don't have),
  4. Lauerin Conlin / Team LoCoFit (Any I don't have),
  5. Malin Bjork (Workout Program GYM),
  6. Keller Rose Fitness (any I don't have),
  7. Jane Campbell (any I don't have),
  8. Kellie Hart Davis (any I don't have),
  9. Dani Munoz
(Lower Body Guide Vol 1 <-- NOT the same as the 2019 one,
6 Week Full Body Gym 2019 <-- Pls send me a screenshot of the cover so I can see if I have it already,
Upper Body Guide,
New 2020 guides),
  1. Body By Kalina,
  2. Fitplan App (screenshots / similar): [body part split plans (not just full body): Valeria Orsini, Ariana James, Michie Peachie (fit, hourglass), Marissa Rivero (Fierce Physique, 30 day booty sculpt), Yanet Garcia],
  3. ALPHABAE / KARINA ALPHA (Any I don't have),
  4. MISS CARRIEJUNE(any I don't have),
  5. Helin Kenzi (Hourglass Plan v2),
  6. HEIDY ESPAILLAT (Free Best Glutes Exercises + Tips to Grow your Glutes),
Download any of these for free at
DM me if you have any requests for anything not on the list.
Please subscribe the sub to find all the latest fitness guide releases.
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W It’s okay that’s love What’s wrong with Secretary Kim I’m not a robot Legend of the blue sea Sungkyunwan scandal Flower boy next door Jealousy incarnate Lucky romance
Crash landing on you Itaewon class Memories in Alhambra
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